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Adbuff was a CPC and CPM advertising solution. To find an alternative you can check this comparison:

List of CPC Advertising Networks
Site web
PaysEN (publishers who have an English site with traffic primarily from USA, Canada, Australia and UK)
Points positifs
  • High Paying Ad Network: We often pay the highest possible rate to publishers with traffic from US, Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Real-Time Dashboards : Our stats are updated every second, so you can make informed decisions in real time.
  • Account Managers : every publisher gets a dedicated account manager to review their ad performance and see where we can optimize.
  • 100% fill rate : We are plugged into the largest ad exchanges and have access to the largest advertisers in every country. That is how we are able to provide you with a 100% fill rate on your CPC or CPM banner ads.
  • Clean AdsYou will never see an unwanted pop-up, malicious download, code injection or even a slightly questionable ad on our network. Every ad is rated G and is acceptable for family audiences. We only work with the biggest advertisers.
Conditions to apply
  • Must be in English
  • Traffic primarily from USA, Canada, UK, Australia
  • have a minimum of 2,000 uniques per day.
  • No Malware
  • No illegial streaming or downloads
  • not contain or link to adult content
  • must not be under construction or incomplete
  • must have been online and operational for at least two months
  • must have a functional layout and adequate design
  • must contain original content and comprise of at least two pages
  • must not contain excessive advertising
Revenue shareCPM : sharing a whopping 90% of advertiser revenue directly with our publishers
Requires exclusivity
Méthodes de paiement
  • PayPal ($100 minimum)
  • Payoneer ($100 minimum)
  • Wire Transfer ($500 minimum)
Date de paiement
Seuil minimum de paiement100 $
Ad campaigns
Ad formats
Email marketing
eCPM Optimization
Precise targeting
Réseaux sociaux
Site web
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