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Attention Wager Currency

Initiatives of Interest for New Currency Conference Call
Attention Wager Currency
Proposed name of initiativeAttention Currency Awards
SubtitleAdvance gamechanging projects via Innocentive- like prizes & attention wagers
Summary DescriptionReceive curated NextEdge insights useful to your projects. Give NextEdge Breakthrough currency to the degree the insights are helpful. If you want, wager your own reputation points when you see a way to help others.

Value for Multiple Tracks? Possible (eg #Tribesourcing #TransOrg)
QuoteKevin Jones: "there is too much to catch on the next edge..."
When to useWhen we feel Overwhelmed
When not to useWhen we just want the raw feed
1. ATTRACTOR - what makes this interestingGet a "Catch of the Day" (curated NextEdge inbox) to solve the biggest challenges you're facing
2. CHALLENGE(S) - tensions addressed1) We're all drowning in the exaflood

2) New talent coming into NextEdge has no clear way to earn reputation by adding value to breakthrough initiatives
3. OPPORTUNITY - vision of achievable changeSee & rate items sent by other NextEdgers (in your "Attention Wager" inbox) for solutions to your greatest project challenges

Award NextEdge Breakthrough Wager currency to the degree that items help solve your posted Innocentive-style prize challenge
4. STRATEGY - proposed steps to make the change1) Participants post summaries of their active projects and related Innocentive-style prize challenges in a NextEdge Breakthrough Wager page, and agree to update their profiles at least once each week during a two-month trial period

2) Each participant recieves 1000 NextEdge Breakthrough currency points upon completing the profile, with another 50 added per week.

3) Participants go about their respective activities. When a person comes across something of apparent value to a posted Innocentive-style prize, he or she forwards the link to the prize offerer. The subject line contains something like "Mark Frazier wagers 200 points that will be useful to Devin Balkind in getting land for his intentional community."

4) The originator of the prize challenge wins all of the wagered currency in the event that he or she deems the resource link to be of no value. (A notice of this, plus a brief note on the reason it lacked value, would be sent to the person who made the bet to help tune any future wagers) But if the message had some value, the prize giver might send back (for example) 100 Breakthrough Currency credits - a signal that the bettor was somewhat close, but not quite understanding what the prizegiver was seeking. And the "jackpot" prize would be given in the (rare) cases when a person deemed their Breakthrough Challenge to be completely solved.

Such flows could help individuals build substantial holdings of NextEdge Breakthrough Currency by consistently delivering items of value. This would provide a way for other Next Edgers to more quickly recognize highly successful curators.
5. TEST - what stakeholders think of steps- Do New Currency subgroup members think a pilot is worth doing?
- Are creators of alt-currency apps willing to customize their solutions for a subgroup pilot?
- Will participants in the pilot find it useful?
- If they do, will a Kickstarter or similar pledge drive get enough backing to prepare a NextEdge-wide community solution?
6. DECISION – next actionShall we explore Attention Wagers in the New Currency conference call?
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Pattern initiator (contact)Mark Frazier (Skype: openworld)
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2 oct. 2012 00:12:16
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