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Student Response Systems
Voting technologyClickers/Web/App
Student License CostLifetime clickers are $30.99/$41.99 (free 6-month access to the mobile solution included)
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3.4/5 5 notes
-- Presentation ToolOui Present with anything (slides, video, website, etc.). No import of content required.
-- Asynchronous Content Access- iClicker Reef/Cloud- Can send session history with questions, images, and answers to student to be used as a study guide outside of class.
-- Student Performance AnalyticsOui Campus Analytics - Insight to usage across your campus, department, and classrooms
-- Advanced Question TypesOui Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numeric, Target, Anonymous Survey
Automatic attendanceOui Reef/Cloud - GPS technology to confirm students’ locations when they "check-in" to class.
-- Student to Student InteractionNon
4.0/5 2 notes
-- Integration with LMSOui Seamlessly integrate with all major LMS platforms, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. LTI available. generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data.
-- Campus Wide Funding-OptionOui With Reef/Cloud
-- Vendor Faculty SupportOui Comprehensive online materials and dedicated support
-- Accessibility FeaturesOui Has Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
-- FERPA CompliantOui
3.0/5 2 notes
-- Vendor Student SupportOui Online support portal with FAQs, videos, user guides, etc.
-- Game InteractionNon
-- Multiple Device CompatibilityOui i>clicker +, i>clicker 2, REEF Polling (any smart device)
-- Feedback to TeacherNon
-- Text/SMS Response- No SMS, but does have short answer up to 16 characters
CommentairesMarket leading hardware known for it's simplicity and reliability. All remotes work alongside the mobile solution, REEF polling, to create a blended classroom if needed.
  • Student Response Systems

    Compare Top Hat vs Acadly vs Echo360 Lecture Tools vs ViaResponse vs Poll Everywhere vs Turning Technologies...
    Student Response Systems
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9 mar. 2022 10:38:23
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  • arking le 7 jun. 2017 18:18:42
    a noté ce Elément: PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES RATING 5/5

    Lots of features, very robust, durable system. Presentation agnostic. Keep using your presentations and activities!

  • iclicker le 5 oct. 2015 15:34:58
    a noté ce Elément: STUDENT FEATURES RATING 5/5

    Very easy to use.

  • iclicker le 5 oct. 2015 15:21:27
    a noté ce Elément: PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES RATING 5/5

    Simple. Reliable. Pedagogical. Over 200 standardizations and used across 1,100 institutions.

  • iclicker le 5 oct. 2015 15:13:17
    suggère de mettre la valeur de Nom à i>clicker

    The correct branding is i>clicker, not i>Clicker.