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WebIMP Base Pack

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WebIMP Base Pack
Total Number of Pages (incl. translations)10 to 60
200+ Design TemplatesOui
Design Templates Compatible iPhone/iPad10+
Responsive Web Design Template1
Frontpage Image SlideshowsOui
Panoramic Image DisplayOui
Content Manager WYSIWYGOui
Embed Images (Local, Flick, Picasa)Oui
Embed Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)Oui
Embed Presentations (Slideshare, Google Docs, PDF)Oui
Embed Code (PHP, Javascript)Oui
Modèles de contenus HTML (Editeur WYSIWYG)Oui
Popup & Lightboxes EditorOui
Content Organization (Sections & Categories)Oui
Flipping Book (PDF input)Oui
WYSIWYG Form Generator (Email and/or DB Storage)Oui
Automatic Sitemap GeneratorOui
RSS Feeds GeneratorOui
Integrated website page URL QR CodeOui
Multi-lingual Front-end & Back-end (Unlimited LTR languages)Oui
Automatic Google Translate ModuleOui
Automatic SEO (Description & Keywords)Oui
Automatic XML Sitemap GeneratorOui
Google Webmaster (Initial Set-up)Oui
Back-end Compatible iPad (partly)Optional
Web Application Firewall (LFI & SQL injection protection)Oui
Back-end & Front-end IP Access FilteringOui
Automatic Daily Backup (Local and Cloud Storage)Oui
Social Sharing (Facebook Like, Twitter, Linkedin Share)Oui
Social Profile Display (Facebook LikeBox, Facebook Activity)Oui
Automatic Social Media Broadcast (Facebook Wall, Twitter, Linkedin Status)Oui
Google Analytics Integration & Integrated Quick AccessOui
Google Analytics Goal Configuration & Custom ReportOui
Screencasts integrationOui
Podcasts integrationOui
Integrated Visioconference (up to 5 public users)Oui
Redirection Links ManagerOui
Landing Pages Manager (1x built-in template, unlimited pages creation)Oui
File Download - Pay with a Facebook PostOui
File Download - Pay with a TweetOui
Google Adsense IntegrationNon
User Database (Front-end users with basic profile)Non
Website Private Sections (1 front-end access level)Non
Facebook Login on WebsiteNon
Integrated Facebook App (1 App with up to 5 Tabs)Non
Facebook Reveal/Fangate Tab (for Likers/Fans)Non
Custom User Profiles (Unlimited fields)Non
Integrated Mass-Emailing System (1x custom email template)Non
Email Campaign Statistics (Delivery, Clicks, Email Clients, Segmentation)Non
FREE Outbound Emails (12,000 emails/month for 2,000 users)Non
Live video brodcast (events, webinars)Non
Coupon GeneratorN/A
Coupon Redeeming SystemN/A
Product Catalogue (Dimension, Weight, Photo, Price, Tax)Non
Frontpage Promotion Products SlideshowNon
Wholesale Price LevelNon
Online OrderingNon
Custom Shipping Prices & ZonesNon
Paypal IntegrationNon
Autres moyens de paiementsN/A
Daily Order Summary ReportNon
Product Info Import/Export (CSV)Non
Order Info Export (CSV)Non
Shipment Tracking (Integration of AfterShip. Free for 500 shipments per month)N/A
Google Analytics Ecommerce Conversion FunnelNon
Integrated Facebook StorefrontNon
Integrated Mobile StorefrontN/A
QR Marketing Platform (Mobile Site for Marketing Campaigns + QR Analytics)N/A
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