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2016-04-29 14:49:07
Magento Import Comparison
Import as a Service
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Price for single importPrice depends on number of products. Up to 20 000 products - $149, up to 100 000 products - $249 and more than 100 000 products.
Price for reimportThe same as the price of original import
Price for regular importYou will be charged each time you will need to update products
Price for automated importAsk for estimated Price
Installation & configurationNo installation, configuration presupposes file upload to make Magento database import, tech specialists do all work for you
SupportFree. In case person orders a service, the assistance is provided by tech engineers personally and can be done in real-time
DocumentationThere’s no need for documentation and general information about service can be found in articles
Server Resources UsageMinimum resources as product import as a service can be done locally and synchronization requires less resources
File requirementsNo requirements. Modifications and file adjustments while Magento database import can be done by tech engineers, so no additional adjustments is required
Functionality& FlexibilityCustomizations and additional work on the basis of clients’ requirements are charged separately
MultiStore supportAvailable
Product types supportAll types
Images supportSupport of multiple images either local or remote ones
Import of attributes and Attribute setsCan be done for additional fee
Custom Options importCan be imported
Do it for me option - “I want to save my time. Import it for me”Available. The price depends on product quantity
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