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2016-04-29 14:46:25
Magento Import Comparison
Web Modules Import
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Site webhttps://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/
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Price for single importAverage price is from $100 to $4000 as well as there’s a number of free ones (but in most cases they do not support the latest version of Magento)
Price for reimportFree
Price for regular importFree
Price for automated importDepends on the specific module you are using
Installation & configurationIn most cases complicated installation as well as configuration
SupportDepends upon the module and is offered for additional fee mainly
DocumentationDepends on product. For free products only general marketing articles are available
Server Resources UsageHuge - number of resources depending on the number of products
File requirementsUsually supports Admin import/export format, thus has the same specific requirements. In case of specific data format in the file, additional addons to adjust it is required
Functionality& FlexibilityEither not possible or possible by means of additional plug-ins/fee
MultiStore supportDepending on the module
Product types supportSome of them cannot handle downloadable nor bundled product types. For some of the products import additional plug-ins required
Images supportLocal and remote. Sometimes additional addons required
Import of attributes and Attribute setsAttribute sets and their corresponding attributes need to be set up first
Custom Options importIn most cases yes. Sometimes additional addon or module necessary
Do it for me option - “I want to save my time. Import it for me”Not available
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