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Operational dashboard solutions comparison
VisualizeVisualize application, you can shape your data using a variety of charts, tables, and maps, and more. You’ll create four visualizations: a pie chart, bar chart, coordinate map, and Markdown widget.
AlertingA threshold alert to periodically check when your data goes above or below a certain threshold within a given time interval. It’s one of the most common type of alerts that you can create using Watcher
Dynamic DashboardsControls provide the ability to add interactive inputs to Kibana Dashboards. Controls can be used to create two types of inputs: drop-downs and range sliders.
Mixed Data Sources
Annotationsyou can also detect any anomaly that could be hidden in your data. The solution utilizes machine learning to help you in this endeavor so you can easily pinpoint the root causes of problems.
Ad-hoc Filters
Data sharingWhen sharing your Kibana visualizations and dashboards, you can simply embed them into websites and webpages or send links to your colleagues and superiors. You can even open your dashboard to a wider audience without fearing data leakage as the application has an option that lets you restrict information viewing. Furthermore, you can share any data you have as PDF reports or as CSV files.
Single UI ManagementWhether it is adding data sources, setting up security controls, or managing pipelines, Kibana has a single interface solution for them
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