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Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Large Enterprises
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Social Learning FeaturesMATRIX provides a safe environment for collaboration. Communication between instructors and learners is considerably improved using tools such as groups, chats, and forums. Through the gamification feature learners can engage in competitive games that can help them to socialize.
UsabilityMATRIX makes learning an enjoyable experience by providing a platform with a clean, intuitive layout that is created with the users’ needs in mind. It is designed to ensure a smooth implementation. Most clients are able to configure and customize their site within a few hours, not months.
Hébergement en CloudOui Amazon Cloud
Adoption ServicesWeb design services, Web-based Training, On-site training, Technical consulting
Prix129 USD -$11999 (yearly billing) For more information on pricing visit the following link:
Offre gratuite- 14 day free trial
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