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Cloud-based phone and fax service
Comparatif des fournisseurs de VOIP pour les PME
Date de lancement2003
CréateursVlad Shmunis
  • $39.99/mo per user (1 user)
  • $29.99/mo per user (between 2 and 19 users)
  • $21.99/mo per user (between 20 and 99 users)
  • $19.99/mo per user (100+ users)
Période d'essai gratuiteOui 30 days (valid for 4 or more users only)
Frais d'installationNon $0
Frais de résiliationNon cancel at any time
Numéro au tarif gratuitOui Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or toll-free vanity numbers.
Numéro au tarif localOui Establish a local presence with over 200 available area codes.
Portabilité de votre numéro
Extensions illimités
Musique d'attenteOui Choose the music and messages to play according to time, day, and Caller ID information. Customize each extension with its own selection of music and messages.
Accueil personnaliséOui
Enregistrement de voix en studio
Règles de réponseOui Give your business phone system the flexibility to work around any schedule. Answering rules route calls based on a range of options for your company main number, as well as for individual extensions and mailboxes.
Collaboration (partager, assigner...)
Appels illimitésOui US and Canada only
Unlimited Call Handling
Name DirectoryOui
Conférence téléphoniqueOui
Cloud FaxOui
Transfert d'appelOui Always be in the right place, at the right time to take calls.
Filtrage des appelsOui Take complete control over who can reach your company. Take calls from particular callers, block specific numbers, and send others directly to voicemail.
Call Blast
Enregistrement de l'appelOui Keep a record of your company’s most important phone calls.
Journal des appelsOui keep a complete record of all your inbound and outbound calls and faxes. View the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call.
Call FlipOui With Call Flip you can simply move an ongoing call between your desk phone, mobile phone or softphone.
Répondeur visuelOui
Click to Call
Intégration avec des services tiers
Microsoft Outlook IntegrationOui Receive voice and fax messages in Outlook and send out faxes from any Microsoft Office application.
Google Docs IntegrationOui
Google Contacts SyncNon
Box IntegrationOui Send faxes directly from your Box account
Other integrationOui RingCentral CloudFax
Applications mobile
Application iPhoneOui
Application AndroidOui
Application BlackberryOui
Assistance téléphonique
Assistance par email
Help Desk
28 fév. 2023 20:13:50
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