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2017-10-01 20:09:57
Plates-formes de curation
SourcesUploaded by Users (moderated): video, photos, text posts, audio. Uploaded by You: video, photos, text posts, audio posts, products, call-to-action links. From the Web: youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook, blogs
PositionnnementBring it all together! A social publishing platform that puts the power of curation, community and complete brand control in your hands.
Sélection manuelleOui Can create links that automatically filter a particular wall onload.
Sélection automatiqueOui Complete moderation or live feeds from youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook (or from specific accounts on each)
EditorialisationOui Post details, tags, default social share copy, and customize look & feel
Formats de sortieSyndicate the entire wall of content; or share the entire wall or individual posts via STF email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the AddThis options
Export de donnéesOui Export individual posts or RSS feed of select tags
Mobile app- Full functionality of website embedded walls on mobile devices, but no mobile app version
Réseau socialOui Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
TarifsVarious tiers and premium features. Designed to bring unparalleled power and flexibility to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.
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