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Quora is a question and answer site focused on getting really high quality, authoritative content on any topic that people are interested in.
Site webhttps://www.quora.com/
Who uses the site?"Elite": Tech pundits, entrepreneurs, early adopters, bloggers, marketers, social media mavens.
TopicsGeneral topics and discussion
User reputation systemNon
Related questionsOui
Related videoNon
Tag assignmentsOui Topic assignments
Ratings for questionOui
Ratings for commentsOui
SummaryOui Answers summary
Follow questionsOui
Follow topicsOui
Follow membersOui
Post a Message to Your FollowersOui
Ability to edit question (modify)Oui
Ability to suggest edits to answersOui
Email notificationsOui
Search box autocompletesOui
Saves drafts of postsOui
Revert modificationsOui
Real-time updatingOui
StatistiquesOui viewed, latest activity, followers
Volunteer moderatorsNon
Time-boxed conversationsNon
Technology platform used for other sitesNon
Content license / TermsTerms: do not modify the Content, put a link to Quora website to use content, keep update content with the latest version on quora.
Identity systemFacebook, Twitter
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