Project Management Solutions
Site web
Offre gratuiteOui 2 active projects, unlimited users
Tarif de base hébergement / an13 USD per month 5 active(!!) projects
Contacts Address BookOui
Shared CalendarOui
Schedule meetingsOui
Export dataOui Excel, pdf, json
Personnalisation de l'apparenceOui logo
Email notificationsOui
Version mobileOui
Custom fieldsYes, up to 6 typed custom fields on all main entities. They can also refer to external lookup tables.
Project management
Time tracking / TimesheetsOui daily/ weekly - approval process
Automatic Tracking timerOui
Project MilestonesOui
Tasks managementOui task list - templates - gantt chart
Gantt chartOui
Resource managementOui Resource planning - workload
Workflow systemOui Based on JBPM. Supports BPM based flow definition
Report generationOui
Portfolio managementOui
Issue trackingOui Kanban view - issue planning
Link contacts with tasks/projectsOui
Document Management
Document editingOui
Online browser editing
Document sharing and storageOui
Project integrationOui
Access rights managementOui Role based on single project or global
Gestion de versions de documentsOui
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)Oui FTP - S3 - SVN - SAMBA
Description/Tags for documentsOui
Custom Roles
Micro- blogging Status UpdatesOui
Live chatOui Optional free module
Phone conferencing
Intégration avec des services tiers
Google Apps integrationOui
Microsoft Office IntegrationOui
Email notificationsOui
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  • suggère de mettre la valeur de Nom à Twproject
    The website link is to Twproject so I assume all the data is for that plus there is already a Teamwork item
    English Posté 2015-11-29 23:33:55 par Joel
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    Posté 2015-07-16 19:19:54 par AMarino
  • a noté ce Elément: Project/Task Templating 5
    Posté 2015-07-16 19:04:41 par AMarino
  • a noté ce Elément: Agile support 4
    Posté 2015-07-16 18:52:32 par AMarino
  • a noté ce Elément: Project status overview 4
    Posté 2015-07-16 18:45:45 par AMarino
  • a voté pour ce Elément (J'aime)
    English Posté 2013-05-28 11:41:48 par jeanine

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