The Original Supper Box

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2021-01-21 22:46:28

The Original Supper Box was a recipe box service in the UK, to deliver food ingredients.

To find an alternative you can have a look here:

Recipe boxes in the UK
The Original Supper Box
Site web
Note globale2.0 1 note
Access typeone-off
Box choiceStandard, Vegetarian, Vegan, BBQ, Slow Cook
Recipe choicechoose from 10
Meal amounts3 or 5 meals for 1-6 people
Delivery timesTue-Fri, 9am-6pm
Cost (3 meals for 2)38 GBP
Organic ingredientsNon
Sub ingredients listedNon
Vegetarian optionOui
Single optionOui
Course optionOui
Packaging re-useNon
Détails société
Date de création2013
  • 2015-09-06 13:26:18
    2021-01-21 22:46:28
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