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2018-06-25 10:40:14
WizVille is a Customer Feedback cloud-based software, designed to help chains of stores manage the quality of their customer experience in real-time.

+ Monitor your teams’ performance in real-time and help them offer the best possible experience to your customers

+ Identify and win back unhappy shoppers in real-time, and develop a loyalty-building experience throughout your network of stores

+ Improve your customer knowledge with qualitative and quantitative feedback & improve your services and marketing along the way
Customer feedback software
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Video tour
Company logoYes + customized graphic design
CSS customizationYes Full customization
File attachments
Custom fields into formsYes Fully customizable
Private communitiesYes Full customization: share feedback with head-office only, store managers, employees or publish it online for all to see!
Twitter supportNo
Facebook supportNo
Mobile supportYes SMS surveys available
Export filesYes exports to CSV, PDF...Plus daily, weekly or monthly email reports.
WidgetsNo N/A
Multi-languageYes English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese. Request more.
Spam filterYes
Vote fraud detectionYes Yes, plus optional third-party customer review certificate available to guarantee proof of purchase.
Crowdsourced moderationNo N/A
Restrict accessYes
Domain aliasingYes
AnalyticsYes Fully customizable dashboard with amazing amounts of data.
CRM integrationYes
Other integration
Automatic responsesYes
Free versionNo N/A
Trial and PricesOn demand
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