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2020-11-05 21:13:38
WizVille is a Customer Feedback SaaS designed to help chains of stores monitor their customer experience, enrich their CRM and improve their online reputation. Our clients include Monoprix (#1 hypermarket chain in French city centres with 450 units), 5àsec (World #1 Dry cleaning network with 1900 units), Brioche Dorée (500 restaurants in the world), 1.2.3 (250 shops in Europe), LaForêt Immobilier (700 agencies in France) and La Chaise Longue (40 shops in Europe). For more information : http://wizville.fr or contact@wizville.fr
Customer feedback software
Site webhttps://wizville.fr/
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Company logoOui + customized graphic design
Personnalisation CSSOui Full customization
File attachments
Custom fields into formsOui Fully customizable
Private communitiesOui Full customization: share feedback with head-office only, store managers, employees or publish it online for all to see!
Twitter supportNon
Facebook supportNon
Export de fichiersOui exports to CSV, PDF...Plus daily, weekly or monthly email reports.
WidgetsNon N/A
Multi-languageOui English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese. Request more.
Spam filterOui
Vote fraud detectionOui Yes, plus optional third-party customer review certificate available to guarantee proof of purchase.
Crowdsourced moderationNon N/A
Restrict accessOui
Domain aliasingOui
AnalyticsOui Fully customizable dashboard with amazing amounts of data.
CRM integrationOui
Other integration
Réponses automatiquesOui
Offline data collection
Version gratuiteNon N/A
Gamme de prixOn demand
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Site webhttps://wizville.fr/
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