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This comparison chart compares various customer feedbacks software that enable websites & companies to get user feedback about their service, product...

Customers can easily share knowledge, ask questions and get anwsers or request new features development. It is an easy way to discuss and share ideas between customers and the company. These productive conversations enables to collect easily interesting ideas and user feedbacks.

Do not hesitate to update this collaborative comparison table adding new feedback form community platform or any comparison criteria to this current list.

Feedback RouletteGet SatisfactionGoogle ModeratorHelpraceHunchBuzzIdeaScaleKampyleMopinionOMBEA InsightsOpinionLabPulse InsightsQualarooSuggestionBox.comsurvicateUsabilla LiveUserEchousersnapUserThoughtUserVoicewebengageWizVillefeedback lite
Site webhttp://feedbackroulette.com
DescriptionFeedback Roulette is a free service for anonymous exchange of feedback about websites. You review others' websites and they review yours. Members assign scores to each others' reviews to specify how useful the feedback is. Based on that the reviewer's reputation is calculated. The system then uses the reputation to match reviewers. Feedback Roulette also allows paid expert reviews and other tools for improving websites.A simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers.Get to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. The voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it simple and easy to participate.Provides customer & employee feedback, idea, suggestion & bug tracking services, based on open innovation, crowdsourcing & gamification.Collect ideas from your customers, give them a platform to vote, the most important ideas bubble to the top.Place Kampyle feedback forms on your Website and start receiving feedback from your customers immediately in an orderly way.OMBEA Insights helps you capture feedback at any physical or digital touchpoint and let our state-of-the-art algorithms find the hidden pain points for you. All discoveries are neatly summarised and presented back as prioritised to-do lists. Smart alerts tell you when something needs your immediate attention, while timely reports keep you on top of pain points you need to outsmart the competition.

+ On-site Module: Learn what customers are thinking at any physical location, such as in your stores, restaurants and restroom facilities.

+ Online Module: Assess user experience on all your web pages, such as at shopping, ordering, checkout and support.

+ Anywhere Module:Collect feedback from anywhere you wish by using email, SMS, till receipts or QR codes.
On the front end, it leads to a brief, opt-in comment card that customers can use to share their feedback.Pulse Insights' micro survey platform helps clients get instantaneous insights from their web and mobile properties to capture voice of customer to continuously improve customer experience and conversion rates.The fastest way to collect feedback from website visitors. Survey specific groups of website visitors to understand their needs, expectations, objections. Find out who they are and why they behave as they do.Collect valuable visual feedback on your website. With Usabilla Live, it’s fun and easy for your website visitors to get in touch and share their feedback with you. In turn, you can easily reach out and learn more about your customers.UserEcho - new way to listen and engage your customersUseThought provides feedback form and widget together with analytics and it is customizable, cross-browser, localized, SSL secured, easy to integrate and has integration with JIRA issue manager.

Additionally, the form has ability to highlight & annotate some fragment of your webpage and send together with a feedback message, auto-calculated custom JavaScript variables, feedback categories and user rating.
UserVoice provides hosted feedback forums, which allow customers to create, discuss, and vote for ideas.WizVille est une solution d'écoute client tout-en-un.

WizVille propose une solution logicielle de customer feedback management destinée à répondre à tous les besoins des entreprises en matière d’avis clients :
- Collecte en continu des avis clients, mesure et analyse de la satisfaction client, indication des actions à mettre en place pour améliorer l’expérience client.

- Vérification de chaque avis client grâce au tiers de confiance Trustville conforme AFNOR NF Z74-501 puis diffusion des avis clients au choix sur les sites web, pages produits, réseaux sociaux et / ou sur une page Trustville dédiée.

- Agrégation des avis clients publiés sur Facebook et Google MyBusiness dans une seule et même interface, pour un traitement facilité.

- Réalisation d’enquêtes ponctuelles ciblées pour enrichir la connaissance client, développer de nouveaux produits ou tester des produits et services existants.

Notre solution hébergée sur le cloud permet à nos clients de tous secteurs (mode, grande distrib, services, immobilier, restauration, etc.) de piloter leur satisfaction client en temps-réel, d’améliorer leur management et de redynamiser leur relation client.

WizVille est une solution tout-en-un intégrant l’édition de questionnaires multi-canaux, leur diffusion via Emails, SMS et Bornes, la restitution des avis clients sur une plateforme en ligne et la gestion du dialogue avec les clients.

Etam,Jardiland,Laforêt immobilier, JennyferLa Chaise Longue, Celio, Culligan et 5àsec font partie des 10 000 entreprises et points de vente qui nous font confiance
J'aime 1 1 0 0 2 3 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 3 0 4 4 0 1 0
Company logoOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiNon Customize to seamlessly fit your own site.OuiOuiOuiOui + customized graphic design
Personnalisation CSSOui N/AOuiNonNonOuiOuiOui Create custom formsOui Full customizationOuiOui Full CustomizationOui PartialNonOui Full customizationOui Full CustomizationOui Css customization, Layout customizationOuiOui Full customizationOui Full customization
File attachmentsNonNonNon but YouTube videos attachedOui Documents, images, videoOuiOuiNonNonNonNonNonNonOui Users can choose elements of the screen, automatically screenshot and sent in their feedback.Oui it's possible to attach imagesNonOui
Custom fields into formsNon Development in progressNonNonNonOuiOuiNonOui YesOuiOuiOui Fully CustomizableOui auto filled-in custom fieldsNon not form but community forumOui Fully customizable
Private communitiesOuiOuiOui "semi- private": people that have the web linkOuiOuiOuiNonOui Feedback is accessible via the admin portal. Possible to share reports.NonNonOuiNonOui Feedback only seen by website's account, or linked accounts. Possible to share feedback.OuiNonOuiOui Full customization: share feedback with head-office only, store managers, employees or publish it online for all to see!
Twitter supportOuiOuiNonNonNonOuiNonNonNonNonOuiNonOui Twitter module for messages feedNonNonNon
Facebook supportNonOuiNonNonOuiOuiNonOui YesNonNonOui Yes - integrated with IntercomNonOui Facebook applicationNonOui Facebook page applicationNon
Export de fichiersNonOuiOui CSVOui Exports / imports community data to Excel-Oui All your idea and user data can be exported out to a simple Excel spreadsheet.NonOui Yes, Excel.NonOui XLSXOui CSVNonOui CSVOui Export feedback as .csv file (Excel, Google Spreads)Oui Through APIOui exports to XML, Excel, PDF, CSV, ODSOui ExcelOui exports to CSV, PDF...Plus daily, weekly or monthly email reports.
WidgetsNonOui feedback tab, page, topic list, search, wordpess pluginNonOui Widget tabOui Feedback Tab Widget, WordPress PluginOui iPhone, Wordpress, or basic web based widgetNonOui Website Widget, App Widget, Desktop Widget.OuiOui Multiple Website WidgetsOui Surveys, CTAsOuiOui Surveys, CTAs, lead capture & feedback tabOui Feedback buttonOuiOui customizable widget per each formOui Feedback Tab Widget, WordPress PluginNon N/A
Multi-languageNon Translation of the service is plannedNonNon-OuiOuiOui YesOuiOuiNonOui Dashboard is in English but widget can display any language, any charactersOui Supports any Language. Currently 17 translations. Add more on request. Website English, French and German. Right to left support - (eg. Arabic/Hebrew)Oui Base+ planOui English (default), Spanish, German, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and Japanese (日本語). Request more.OuiOui English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese. Request more.
Spam filterOuiNonNonOui User blocking functionOuiOuiNon- N/ANonNonNon-NonOui Base plan-OuiOui
Vote fraud detectionOuiNonNonOuiOuiNon no vote since it is form and not forum...Oui Yes. Smart anti-tamper algorithms prevent fraudulent votes from getting into the dashboard.Non-Non- N/AOuiNonNonOuiOui Yes, plus optional third-party customer review certificate available to guarantee proof of purchase.
Crowdsourced moderationOuiNonNonNonOuiOuiNon no need of moderation for forms...Non N/ANon-Non- N/ANon N/AOuiNon no need of moderation for formsOuiNon N/A
APINonNonNonOui-OuiNonOui YesNonOuiOui Reporting APINonOui Reporting API, Visitors APIOuiOuiOui JavaScript Feedback Form APIOui Public and Commercial API
Restrict accessOuiNonNonOuiOuiOuiNonOui N/ANonOui Upon email requestOuiOui Users right managementOuiOuiOui Data is securely savedOui by email address, by email domain, by IPOui
Domain aliasingNon N/AOuiNonOuiOuiOuiNon not necessary since it is form fully integrated to the websiteOui YesNon not necessary since it is form fully integrated to the website- N/ANon- N/ANonOui- no need for that as feedback form is already on the same domain as websiteOuiOui
AnalyticsOuiOuiNonNon GoogleOuiOuiOui Feedbacks dashboard. Google Analytics, Omniture and Nedstat integrationOui Real-time analytics, smart alerts.Oui Integration with Omniture, Google Analytics Coremetrics Webtrends, Tealeaf ClickTale Atomic Labs And moreOui Analytics IntegrationOui Reporting dashboardNonOui Dashboard, Email digest reportsOui User Feedback Dashboard and Aggregation, Campaign Statistics.Oui Visitors and amount of feedback by day for latest 30 daysOui On-Demand Feedback AnalyticsOui user, suggestion, emailOui Fully customizable dashboard with amazing amounts of data.
CRM integrationNonOui SalesforceNon-NonOui Salesforce-Oui Salesforce.comOui In Enteprise planNonOui PipedriveOui, zendeskNonNonNonOui
Other integrationNonOui Pivotal Tracker, Parature, Zendesk, GoodData, Google AppsNonOui Google AnalyticsNonOui Yammer, Twitter, Apple Push NotificationNonNonOui Marketing automation integration in Enteprise planNonOui Google Analytics, Intercom, Hubspot, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Vero, Active Campaign and moreOui JIRA, Webhook, Google AnalyticsOui FacebookOui Atlassian JIRA issue managerNon
Réponses automatiquesNon N/ANonNonOuiNonOuiNon N/ANonNonOuiOui Users get notification upun feedback receivedOui Set up notifications to alert account holders when feedback comes in. Use integrations to redirect Support cases.NonOui Visitors get immediate delivery status responceNonOui
Offline data collectionOui Yes
Version gratuiteOui All the service is freeNon 15 days free trialOuiOui Free plan availableOui 1 community, 1 moderator, twitter, unlimited feedbacksOui 1 customized form, 50 feedbacks/monthNonNonNonOuiOui 25 responsesNon 30 day free trialOui LifetimeNon 14 Day Free TrialOui 1 forum, 1 moderator, unlimited feedback, modules customization, twitter+facebook modules- 15 days free trialOui Ultimate FREE plan includes 1 customized feedback form & widget, basic analytics, email notification, feedback inbox & SSL security.Oui 1 forumNon N/A
Gamme de prixMajor functionality available for free. Some advanced functions require Premium Membership ($9.95 per month, or can be obtained for free by reviewing other's sites)19$/month (start: Moderation capabilities, Embeddable widgets, Customer champions, Google Analytics integration, Stats dashboard)
289$/month (Integrate Plan)
30 day trial on full version. $9/user/month if billed annually. $10/user/month if billed monthly.15$/month (basic: mobile, facebook and logo)
99$/month (corporate)
99$/month (Bronze: 3 customized forms, 1 user, 200 feedbacks/month)
249$/month (Silver: 5 customized forms, 5 users, 500 feedbacks/month)
499$/month (Gold: 7 customized forms, 10 users, 1000 feedbacks/month)
  • € 199 /month (Yearly) Unlimited forms, unlimited responses
  • € 499 /month (Yearly) Unlimited forms, unlimited responses, In-App
Pricing starts at $35 / month per touchpoint. Trial available.Enterprise
  • Free plan for 25 responses
  • Essentials for 100 responses
    • $40/month (Monthly plan)
    • $20/month (Yearly plan discounted)
  • Premium for 100 responses
    • $60/month (Monthly plan)
    • $40/month (Yearly plan discounted)
49.50$/month (1 user; 9.95$/month per additional users)
50$49$/month (Basic) 89$/month (Standard) 199$/month (Large) Enterprise (Unlimited Pageviews, Bonus functionality, Full Customization)15$/month (Base: 2 forums, up to 3 admins)
59$/month (Base+: 10 forums, up to 10 admins)
256$/month (Advanced)
  • $19 / month: 2 team members, 1 feedback project‍
  • $69 / month: 10 team members, 3 feedback project‍s
  • $129 / month: 15 team members, 10 feedback project‍s
19.99$/month Pro plan (advanced analytics, feedback categories, JIRA integration, custom variables, standalone installation, API, two form look'n'feels);

29.99$/month Pro X2 plan - two Pro plans in one account;

Custom - new functionality or integration requested by you.
Free up to $95/agent/monthOn demand
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