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OMBEA Insights

OMBEA Insights helps you capture feedback at any physical or digital touchpoint and let our state-of-the-art algorithms find the hidden pain points for you. All discoveries are neatly summarised and presented back as prioritised to-do lists. Smart alerts tell you when something needs your immediate attention, while timely reports keep you on top of pain points you need to outsmart the competition.

+ On-site Module: Learn what customers are thinking at any physical location, such as in your stores, restaurants and restroom facilities.

+ Online Module: Assess user experience on all your web pages, such as at shopping, ordering, checkout and support.

+ Anywhere Module:Collect feedback from anywhere you wish by using email, SMS, till receipts or QR codes.
Customer feedback software
OMBEA Insights
Company logoOui
Personnalisation CSSOui Full customization
File attachmentsNon
Custom fields into formsOui Yes
Private communitiesOui Feedback is accessible via the admin portal. Possible to share reports.
Twitter supportNon
Facebook supportOui Yes
Export de fichiersOui Yes, Excel.
WidgetsOui Website Widget, App Widget, Desktop Widget.
Multi-languageOui Yes
Spam filter- N/A
Vote fraud detectionOui Yes. Smart anti-tamper algorithms prevent fraudulent votes from getting into the dashboard.
Crowdsourced moderationNon N/A
APIOui Yes
Restrict accessOui N/A
Domain aliasingOui Yes
AnalyticsOui Real-time analytics, smart alerts.
CRM integration-
Other integration
Réponses automatiquesNon N/A
Offline data collectionOui Yes
Version gratuiteNon
Gamme de prixPricing starts at $35 / month per touchpoint. Trial available.
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  • Customer feedback software

    Compare Feedback Roulette vs Get Satisfaction vs Google Moderator vs IdeaScale vs Kampyle vs OpinionLab...
    Customer feedback software
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7 jul. 2020 14:26:03
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  • AE le 7 jul. 2020 14:23:59

    Best CXM platform for anyone that needs to monitor experience on-site and online simultaneously.