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Product details
Height17.5 mm18 mm18.54 mm21 mm18 mm
Width20 mm45 mm43.18 mm51 mm48 mm53.4 mm
Depth3.9 mm
Weight3 g25 g
Price5 USD9 EUR20 EUR4 USD20 EUR
RAM32 KB6 KB2 KB264 KB2.5 KB2 kB
Length68.6 mm
Ethernet (LAN, RJ45)NoNoNo- via Shield
Fréquence CPU16 MHz
Mémoire flash32 kB
EEProm1 kB
Nb d'I/O digitales14 (dont 6 PWM)
Nb d'I/O PWM6
Nb d'I/O analogiques6
Tension opérationnelle5 V
Tension d'entrée (recommandée)7 à 12 V
Tension d'entrée (limites)6 à 20 V
Courant par I/O20 mA
Courant pour les I/O 3,3v50 mA
LEDs intégrées13
Release date2020-03-1220192008-05-152021-01-212012-11-08
Wi-FiNoNoNo Via external module + requires suitable codeNoNo
Bluetooth®NoNoNo Via external module + requires suitable codeNoNo
Built-in speakerNoNoNoNoNo
USBYes USB CYes micro-USBYes mini-USBYes micro-USB (USB 1.1 Device / Host)
Short nameArduino Nano EveryArduino NanoRaspberry PI PicoArduino Micro
Front view
USB HostYesNoNoYes
Built-in microphoneNoNoNoNoNo
CPUARM® Cortex®-M0+ 32bit SAMD21G18ATMega4809ATmega328RP2040 dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ATmega32U4
CPU Clock48 MHz20 MHz16 Mhz133 MHz16 MHz
SPIYesYes 1Yes x1Yes x2
Hall effect sensorNoNoNoNoNo
Programming LanguageCircuitPython, MicroPython, C/C++C/C++C/C++MicroPython, C/C++C/C++
I²CYesYes x1Yes x1Yes x2Yes
PWMYes x10Yes x5Yes x6Yes x16Yes
ADCYes x10 12-bitYes x8 10-bitYes x8 10bitYes x3 12-bitYes
DACYes x1NoNoNoNo
Temperature sensorNoNoNoYesNo
ROM (Flash)256 KB48 KB32 KB2 MB (up to 16 MB)32 KB
Touch sensorsno
Operating voltage3.3 V5 V5 V3.3 V5 V
Arduino support- IDE Arduino okYesYes- PlannedYes
Drag & Drop uploadYesNoNoYesNo
EEPROMNoYes 0.25 KB (256 B)Yes 1 KBNoYes 1 KB
Vin Min-Max3.3V - 5V (5V only via USB - all other pins max 3.3V)7V - 21V7V - 21V1.8V - 5.5V7V - 9V
No. Of Cores12
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