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Best software to find and remove duplicate files


What is the best software on the market for removing duplicate files?

Here is a list comparing the main software packages available for deleting duplicate files on a computer. Most of them can only delete images, but some can delete audio files or even videos!

The list includes around twenty software packages, all of which have been installed and had the same test protocol. In order to remain as objective as possible, I used a point system to provide a ranking.

Test protocol:
Number of binary files: 107017 including 37373 duplicates
Number of photos: 8152 including 20 duplicates
Number of music files: 897 including 20 duplicates
Number of videos: 72 including 5 duplicates
Test environment: 6-core processor and SSD disk

Points allocation
(+10 if the function is present and fully functional): Binary file analysis +10, Photo analysis +10, Video analysis +10, Audio file analysis +10, Managing a memory cache +10, 64-bit version +10, Integrated duplicate view +10, Real-time results display +10, English version +10.

Analysis of the results:
The Duplicate Media Finder software is the clear market leader It is the only one that can find all types of similar files. It is also extremely fast. In addition, it displays all the duplicates found in the form of thumbnails, which is extremely practical. However, this obviously comes at a price!

There are other software packages that I also liked and that you can find at the top of the table. Feel free to use them if they meet your needs.

Duplicate Media FinderSimilarityVideo ComparerDuplicate Files FixerVisiPicsDuplicate CleanerdupeGuruAuslogics Duplicate File FinderAwesome Duplicate Photo FinderPanaustikSimilar ImagesDuplicate Video SearchEasy Duplicate FinderCloneSpyAnti-TwinBytessence DuplicateFinderDupDetectorClone CleanerDoubleKiller
Tested version2.
Last update29/07/201712/10/201616/06/2016?2013201708/02/201620/06/201719/10/2012?11/20032017?26/03/2017201007/11/201130/05/200202/10/201707/07/2007
Overall score /150123978963626059545351504946363636332725
32/64 bits32/6432/6432/6432/64323232/64323232/64323232323232323232
Binary file detectionYes (165s)NoNoYes (>2400s)NoYes (943s)Yes (430s)Yes (600s)NoNoNoNoYes (420s)Yes (650s)NoYes (1800s)NoYes (1500s)Yes (3000s)
Similar image detectionYes (117s)Yes (211)NoNoYes (660s)Yes (650s)YesNoYes (314s)YesYes (120s)NoNoNoYesYesYes (760s)NoNo
Similar video detectionYes (51s)NoYes (39s)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes (75s)NoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Similar audio detectionYes (18s)Yes (136s)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
English versionYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Real time displayYesYesYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Integrated content visualizationYesYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Cache memoryYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYesNoNoYesYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Ergonomic score /107678565869358445245
Results readability score /109677765757457354454
Function score /107665554555456555355
Performance score /101099355547N.A.845432432
OpinionThe most complete software package available is definitely the most useful. kdo-rg.comA great software package. It’s a shame that it doesn’t detect binary duplicates. similarity-app.comThe best available if you only want to detect video duplicates. video-comparer.comSmall issues. Visually superb but a bit slow. duplicate-files-fixer.comGreat if you are only looking for video duplicates.Has a module for audio but only compares tags.The Windows version is no longer in use.Great, but a bit slow.Good duplicate detection, but does not offer a detection threshold setting.The interface is fantastic, but the test stopped before the end because too long.Rapid software, but the management of identified duplicates is not very practical.You have to change too many complicated parameters, to get an uncertain result.Good, but you need to buy a license every year.Managing identified duplicate (deletion) is not practical.The binary comparison is only bit-by-bit, which is extremely slow. The photo detection works but is also very long.Small problem during installation that was quickly solved. I had to install it on C: Pleasantly surprised by the original presentation of the results in the form of a tree structure.Slow and very difficult to operate. Very few options find many duplicates.Finds the binary duplicates but is very slow.No statistics on duplicates found. Even if duplicates are displayed in real time, you cannot scroll through the results until the end.
Compare software dedicated to find and remove files duplicated.
Mar. 15th 2018 12:10:25 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • Richard Green on Mar. 25th 2023 10:19:18 PM

    Unnecessary files includes duplicate files ,photos and other items that exists twice or more into your PC in different folders and Locations and to get ride of it you cn use ‘’DuplicateFilesDeleter’’

  • Rita Liwa on Dec. 24th 2019 9:29:51 PM

    You can use DuplicateFilesDeleter. Its also best. It is very friendly and helpful. It’s make you tension free.

  • ryanwang on May 10th 2019 11:38:34 AM

    Check DuplicateFilesDeleter also. One of the best powerful tool

  • Montezuma on Aug. 3rd 2018 11:06:37 AM

    J'ai testé le logiciel qui ressort du comparatif (Duplicate Media Finder) afin de me faire ma propre opinion ;o)) Je l'ai trouvé plutôt bien, voire excellent. Hormis la visualisation directe du contenu des fichiers sous forme de tableaux d'images, j'ai surtout aimé la possibilité de sélectionner les doublons par des ensembles entiers, un peu comme si on était sous excel; hyper pratique. Pour ceux que ça intéresse, il existe aussi une vidéo sous YouTube

  • Anton23 on Feb. 26th 2018 7:51:49 AM

    Un autre programme pour trouver des doublons a été négligé. J'aimerais connaître votre opinion sur son travail. Manyprog Find Duplicate Files

  • jackyduvar on Dec. 29th 2017 7:11:05 PM

    Bonjour, J'ai testé Panustik. Très bien, il m'a trouvé plus de 400 photos en doubles sur 35.000 . Mais comment les extraire automatiquement pour une suppression de masse? Cdlt

  • sam654 on Dec. 23rd 2017 10:07:01 AM

    Impressionnant ce comparatif ! J'ai testé les 3 premiers outils qui sortaient en tête du comparatif afin de me faire ma propre opinion. Effectivement, Duplicate Media Finder a deux longueurs d'avance sur les autres. J'ai bien aimé la présentation sous forme de tableaux de vignettes et ceci quelque soit le type de fichiers (mp3, photos, vidéos). C'est super pratique. Par rapport aux autres, que j'ai testé, Duplicate Media Finder est effectivement bien plus rapide.