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2018-12-23 11:16:27
Bela Trendy 1s 1.6ccNu Surf 1.6ccNeu RIO 2.0ccDavis 540 FIAT BASEDDavis 590 FIAT BASEDKarmann Colibri 539 1.6ccTerios 1.5Poosl VARIO 499Knaus Box City 500R20 Low
Height516 cm5.28 m5.75 m5.42 m6 m5.399 m4075 mm4965 mm4965 mm4.99 m
Width192 cm192 cm1.96 m2050 mm2.05 m1.96 m1695 mm2050 mm2050 mm1.93 m
Depth2.69 m2.62 m2.54 m2.61 m2.61 m2060 mm1745 mm3120 mm2580 mm1.93 m
Engine1.600 cc1600cc2000cc2000cc2000cc1600cc1500cc
Based onFiat DobloCitroen Berlingo 1.6HDiCitroen Dispatch 2.0Fiat Ducato 33Fiat Ducato 33Fiat Talento 1.6 DCI
Fuel Tank Capacity60 Ltr
Fresh Water Capacity80 Ltr40 Ltr40 Ltr100 Ltr100 Ltr68 Ltr
Gray Tank Capacity85 Ltr40 Ltr30 Ltr90 Ltr90 Ltr49 Ltr
Battery Capacity85 Ah75 Ah75 Ah1 x 98 Ah
Gas Box2 x 6Kg2 x 5 kg2 x 5 kg1 x 6 kg
Sleeping places(3) 2 Always on + 1 converted2 Converted2 Converted(3) 2 Always on + 1 converted(3) 2 Always on + 1 converted(4) 2 converted + 2 Open RoofNo
Seat belts2224445
Heating systemTruma C4 (Water + Heating) DieselTruma (Heating) GasTruma (Water + Heating) GasOptionalOptionalOptionalNo
Price36000 EUR41000 EUR42000 EUR45000 EUR
ShowerYes (Separate)NoYes (wet bath)Yes (wet bath)Yes (wet bath)Yes (wet bath)No
WcYes (Separate)YesYesYesYesYesNo
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