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2021-10-01 09:52:23

A list of the players in the industry of Direct-To-Consumer Genomics.

Help the community to fill this table and please make correction if needed.

Comments after correction will be appreciated.
Living DNAhttps://livingdna.com/YesYes$ 79 Ancestry test
$ 99 Wellbeing test
$ 149 Wellbeing + Ancestry test
23andMehttps://www.23andme.com/YesYes199 US$
Ancestryhttps://www.ancestry.com/NoYesFrom $ 99
Family Tree DNAhttps://www.familytreedna.com/NoYes159-289 US$
African Ancestryhttps://africanancestry.com/NoYesFrom $ 299
DNA Diagnostics Centerhttps://dnacenter.com/NoYesFrom $ 69
Complete Genomicshttps://www.completegenomics.com/YesYes~5,000-7000/full genome US$Full Genome (variant list only)
HomeDNAhttps://homedna.com/Yes89 US$CODIS markers (13) for artistic creation
Myriad Women’s Healthhttps://myriadwomenshealth.com/YesNo
DNA11https://www.dna11.com/YesNo199-1179 US$DNA RFLP for artistic creation
eviCore healthcarehttps://www.evicore.com/YesNo
DNA Solutionshttps://www.dnanow.com/NoYes19.9-489 US$
DNA Visionhttps://www.dnavision.com/YesNoSequencing As a Service (SAS)
Sequencinghttps://sequencing.com/YesYesStarting at 350/panel US$>700 including Mitochondrial disease/traits, Full Genome Panel; Also provides Full Genome Analysis of Full Genome Sequencing Data
GeneBasehttps://www.genebase.com/YesYesFrom $119
Gene Partnerhttps://www.genepartner.com/YesNo99 US$
Orig3nhttps://orig3n.com/YesNo399 US$
OmeCarehttps://omecare.com/YesNo299 US$
Progenikahttp://www.progenika.com/YesNoHypercholesterolemia tests
Your DNA Songhttps://www.yourdnasong.com/YesNo792 US$DNA Fingerprint for music creation


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  • @ Alice, this table is mainly concerning companies providing tests. We may consider in a next future a similar table for software tools providers, including DIY Genomics, DNA Guide and Portable Genomics.
    Posted 2011-03-24 21:21:30 by Portable Genomics
  • @Alice
    If DNA Guide is appropriate for this comparison please include it in the table using the "+" in the top left corner.
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    Of course I like, good work man.
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