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Ergotec Trekking Handlebar (25.4mm)


Ergotec handlebars for 25.4mm

Product detailsArticle numberSafety LevelMaterialWidthRiseGrip lengthWeightMSRPBack sweep
City16,275,0013Steel620 mm31 mm160 mm470 g€ 14.515 deg
Climber18,232,0214MAS-Nb600 mm40 mm175 mm440 g€ 20.939 deg
Climber18,215,0013Steel600 mm40 mm175 mm540 g€ 14.539 deg
Climber18,250,0012AL 5000600 mm40 mm175 mm255 g€ 18.939 deg
Trekking15,031,0214MAS-Nb590 mm35 mm190 mm470 g€ 20.947 deg
Trekking15,020,0013Steel590 mm35 mm190 mm530 g€ 14.547 deg
Trekking15,075,0012AL 5000590 mm35 mm180 mm265 g€ 20.947 deg
Fixie Riser16,127,1012AL 5000500 mm30 mm130 mm238 g€ 39.95 deg
Lady Town14,042,0214MAS-Nb600 mm16 mm180 mm410 g€ 20.930 deg
M-bar Mas16,776,0214MAS-Nb700 mm38 mm190 mm475 g€ 21.918 deg
Moon19,235,0214MAS-Nb605 mm0 mm180 mm400 g€ 20.923 deg
Riser16,100,0012AL 6061 T6620 mm30 mm175 mm295 g€ 32.910 deg
Riser 3016,523,0314MAS-Nb660 mm30 mm200 mm415 g€ 20.913 deg
Riser 3016,522,0314MAS-Nb620 mm30 mm190 mm400 g€ 20.913 deg
Riser 3016,521,0314MAS-Nb590 mm30 mm180 mm360 g€ 20.913 deg
Riser 5016,720,0016AL 6061 T6680 mm50 mm175 mm310 g€ 43.910 deg
Riser 7016,730,0016AL 6061 T6700 mm70 mm175 mm330 g€ 47.512 deg
Ergotec handlebars for 25.4mm
Oct. 26th 2021 10:36:14 AM
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