Ergotec Trekking Handlebar (25.4mm)

2021-10-26 10:36:14
Ergotec handlebars for 25.4mm
Product detailsArticle numberSafety LevelMaterialWidthRiseGrip lengthWeightMSRPBack sweep
City162750013Steel620 mm31 mm160 mm470 g14.5 EUR15 deg
Climber182320214MAS-Nb600 mm40 mm175 mm440 g20.9 EUR39 deg
Climber182150013Steel600 mm40 mm175 mm540 g14.5 EUR39 deg
Climber182500012AL 5000600 mm40 mm175 mm255 g18.9 EUR39 deg
Trekking150310214MAS-Nb590 mm35 mm190 mm470 g20.9 EUR47 deg
Trekking150200013Steel590 mm35 mm190 mm530 g14.5 EUR47 deg
Trekking150750012AL 5000590 mm35 mm180 mm265 g20.9 EUR47 deg
Fixie Riser161271012AL 5000500 mm30 mm130 mm238 g39.9 EUR5 deg
Lady Town140420214MAS-Nb600 mm16 mm180 mm410 g20.9 EUR30 deg
M-bar Mas167760214MAS-Nb700 mm38 mm190 mm475 g21.9 EUR18 deg
Moon192350214MAS-Nb605 mm0 mm180 mm400 g20.9 EUR23 deg
Riser161000012AL 6061 T6620 mm30 mm175 mm295 g32.9 EUR10 deg
Riser 30165230314MAS-Nb660 mm30 mm200 mm415 g20.9 EUR13 deg
Riser 30165220314MAS-Nb620 mm30 mm190 mm400 g20.9 EUR13 deg
Riser 30165210314MAS-Nb590 mm30 mm180 mm360 g20.9 EUR13 deg
Riser 50167200016AL 6061 T6680 mm50 mm175 mm310 g43.9 EUR10 deg
Riser 70167300016AL 6061 T6700 mm70 mm175 mm330 g47.5 EUR12 deg


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