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2015-02-18 16:17:11
Comparison of different aerial platforms for mapping purposes. Part of the 3D photogrammetry for surveying engineering (3D4sure) project.
AibotixAscTecCropcamDJIDroneFlyerGatewingLehmannMAVinciMikrokopterQuadrocopterQuadrocoptersenseFlyTriggerYamahasenseflyHeight/techHeight/techInfotronMicrodroneMicrodroneTrimbleBramorCoptermotionVnixVision du ciel
TypeX600-BKPBFalconS800HexacopterX100LP960Sirius IOktokopterCinestar-8Oktokopter 2 RTFSwingletPtreyxRMAXebeeDrone HT 8 2000Drone HT 6 800IT-180MD4-1000MD4-200UX5C-AstralG2200QuadcopterExapic Tube
Spanwijdte1 m800 mm1 m1.63 m1 m710 mm2.4 m96 cm700 mm180 cm1033 mm540 mm1 m210 cm
Gewicht2.45 kg0.8 kg2.7 kg2.6 kg2.2 kg2.7 kg3.05 kg1.191 kg0.5 kg5 kg0.63 kg2.3 kg1.51 kg14 kg2.65 kg800 g2.5 kg3.8 kg
Resolutie36 Mpix12 Mpix10 Mpix16 Mpix12 Mpix16 Mpix16 Mpix24.2 MPix or user's choice14.1 Mpix16 Mpix24 mpix Color, 24 mpix IR, Multispectral or Hyperspectral
Systeem bereik
Maximale hoogte2000 m650 m750 m1200 m3000 m5000 m tested150 m
Maximale snelheid17 m/s15 m/s17 m/s21 m/s10 m/s14 m/s16 m/s60 km/h55 km/h25 m/s12 m/s8 m/s21 m/s28 m/s
Actie radius5000 m3000 m3 km13 km or 30 km1000 m
Draag vermogen2500 g500 g2.5 kg2000 g1.6 kg800 g2 kg800 g1.2 kg200 g1.5 kg2.2 kg1500 g
Vliegduur30 min55 min16 min16 min45 min55 min25 min22 min30 min120 min45 min14 min20 min90 min88 min35 min50 min3 h18 min
Max. wind resistentie12 m/s12 m/s7 m/s7 m/s12 m/s12 m/s8 m/s12 m/s12 m/s flew in 23m/s
Prijs indicatie€30.000 - €50.000< €10.000< €10.000< €10.000< €10.000€50.000 - €70.000€30.000 - €50.000< €10.000< €10.000€10.000 - €30.000€10.000 - €30.000€10.000 - €30.000€10.000 - €30.000€10.000 - €30.000€10.000 - €30.000€30.000 - €50.000< €10.000< €10.000
Service inclusiefYesNoNoYesYesNoNoYesNoNoYesYes
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    2015-02-18 16:17:11
  • Photography
  • Compare Yamaha vs MAVinci vs Gatewing vs Cropcam vs senseFly vs Lehmann vs Trigger vs Quadrocopter vs Aibotix vs AscTec vs DroneFlyer vs DJI vs Vnix vs Mikrokopter vs Quadrocopter vs Height/tech vs Height/tech vs Vision du ciel vs Bramor
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