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2014-10-14 14:59:38
Luxury bathtubs are now available in the US to a range of buyers, from Hollywood names to the regular homeowner who wants to add something a bit special to his or her bathroom. There are a surprising number of companies who are now offering US homeowners the chance to purchase luxury bathtubs without the excessive expense. Choosing between all of these different options is not always easy.
T & L InternationalAquatica Plumbing
DescriptionThis website is dedicated to providing customers with luxury bathtubs, and the range available is stunning. This varies from the most simple of styles in the Isis slipper tub to the Oceanus luxury tub and even the Rosebud small tub.This company have made their name in the bath industry for their dedication to high standards and manufacturing processes. This is particularly true when it comes to their luxury bathtubs in the Ecomarmor range, which is a specially-designed material used to create baths of exceptional quality, such as the LoveMe or the Organic tubs.
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