Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers

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2021-09-02 08:33:37

Compare devices to open the chicken coop for you every day or during your vacations. Might also fit other animals like ducks, rabbits...

Compare Kerbl vs Titan Incubators Elite, ChickenGuard® Standard, Premium, Extreme, Omlet Autodoor...


Titan Incubators EliteChickenGuard® StandardChickenGuard® PremiumChickenGuard® ExtremeOmlet AutodoorKerbl
Price99 USD159 USD179 USD199 USD189 USD130 EUR
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Door includedNoNoNoNoYesNo
Light sensorYesNoYesYesYesYes deported
Time scheduleYesYesYesYesYes
Save settings in case of power failureNoNoNoNoNoNo
Charging type4x AA4x AA / USB4x AA / USB4x AA / USB4x AA230V / 12V 1A / 4x AA
Mechanism typeWinchWinchWinchWinchSliding doorWinch
WaterproofYesYesYesYesYesYes IP32
Door lifting capacity1 kg1 kg1 kg4 kg2.5 kg
Max lifting length60 cm
Door dimensionOpening / passage: 19.5 cm x 30 cm
Global dimensions : 49 cm x 42 cm x 5.5 cm
Height9 cm9 cm9 cm12 cm (boitier de commande)
Width15.5 cm15.5 cm15.5 cm13 cm (boitier de commande)
Depth4.5 cm (boitier de commande)
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