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Smart Networked Sprinkler/Irrigation Controllers

Compare the features of Smart Internet Connected App Enabled Sprinkler and Irrigation Controllers and Timers. Rachio vs RainMachine vs Skydrop vs GreenBox vs Irrigation Caddy vs OpenSprinkler vs netAQUA vs Lono vs BlueSpray vs hydrawise vs Netro vs Spruce vs Rainbird vs OrbitB
GreenIQhydrawiseRachioBlossomSkydropLonoBlueSprayRainMachineIrrigation CaddyhydroFLASHEtherRainCyber RainOpenSprinklerNetroSpruceOrbit B-HyveRainbird ST80
Price$ 249$ 299$ 249$ 199$ 299$ 300$ 230$ 249$ 249$ 269.99$ 159$ 499$ 150$ 150$ 200$ 99$ 210
Price (Advertised)$ 198$ 199$ 190
Built-In Zones61281282081211168886166
Max Zones16 (next model)36 (180 stations with multiple controllers)16121620 (per main unit)2412431682448121612
Weather EnabledYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Full CalendarYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYes
Ethernet (LAN, RJ45)YesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYes w/ RF bridgeYesNoNo
WiFiYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes- OptionalNoNoNoYesYesYesYes
Cellular ModelYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
ET AlgorithmYesYes WaterSmart ApprovedYes WaterSmart ApprovedYes WaterSmart Approved- FutureYes WaterSmart ApprovedNoNoYes WaterSmart ApprovedYesYesYes WaterSmart Approved
Soil Sensor(s)3 (optional)11 (optional)00004 optional0
Rain SensorYes 1 (optional)Yes (optional)Yes 1 (optional)Yes (optional)- w/ ExpansionYesNoYesYesYesYesYes- w/ ExpansionYes (optional)Yes optional
Flow SensorYes (optional)Yes (optional)Yes (optional)No- w/ ExpansionNoNoYesNoNoYesNoNoNo (optional)Yes optional
Lightning Control OptionYes With Relay (optional)Yes With Relay (optional)NoNoNoNo
Smart Home ConnectivityYes Amazon echo, Crestron, IFTTT and moreYes Amazon echo, Crestron, IFTTT and moreYes Amazon echo, Crestron, IFTTT and moreYes Amazon echo, Creston, IFTTT and moreNoYes Amazon echo, Crestron, IFTTT and moreYes Amazon echo, Crestron, IFTTT and more
Local APIYesNoNoNoNo- UndocumentedYes- Undocumented- UndocumentedYesNoYesNoNoNo
Cloud APIYesYesYes- Undocumented- AnnouncedNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Remote AccessYesYesYesYesYesYes- Manual SetupYesYesYesNo- Optional- Port ForwardingYesYesYesYes
Local InterfaceNo Control via Smart Phone in June 2017NoNoYesNoNoYesYes- DisplayNoYesYesNoNo
Color LCDNoYesNoYesYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Outdoor InstallationYes- Optional- w/ User Supplied EnclosureYes- w/ Optional Enclosure- w/ User Supplied Enclosure- OptionalNoNo- w/ User Supplied Enclosure- w/ User Supplied Enclosure- Optional- Optional- Optional- w / User Supplied Enclosure- Outdoor Installation- Outdoor installation
Weather reportNOAANOAA/ Hyper-LocalNOAA / Hyper-Local
Compare Rachio vs RainMachine vs Skydrop vs GreenBox vs Irrigation Caddy vs OpenSprinkler vs netAQUA vs Lono vs BlueSpray vs hydrawise
Home automation
Jun. 3rd 2023 9:18:27 AM
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User reviews and comments

  • rainman on May 28th 2017 11:54:34 PM
    commented on EtherRain

    One of the most frustrating problems with old fashioned timers from the traditional suppliers is complex programming due to a too-small interface and small buttons. Many of EtherRain's competitors have the same problem: forcing complex programming into an LCD screen or small smartphone app. Or they offer very unsophisticated scheduling. To overcome this issue and to make programming simple while still offering sophisticated control, EtherRain separates the scheduler from the valve controller. With EtherRain you get a choice of schedulers that offer simple browser-based setup with sophisticated control options. EtherRain, in combination with our browser-based schedulers, provides simplicity, sophistication, security, and control.

  • rainman on May 28th 2017 10:16:13 PM
    commented on EtherRain

    In additional to the full-featured schedulers that offer weather based irrigation, EtherRain also has Android (ZonePopper) and iPhone (Sprinkler Ace) smartphone apps available for conveniently running manual cycles and valve tests via Wifi. If you have a large irrigation project you can combine multiple controllers for 8, 16, 24 (and more) zone applications - scheduled through one interface! EtherRain provides simplicity along with sophisticated control.

  • rainman on May 28th 2017 9:16:52 PM
    commented on EtherRain

    EtherRain is built upon a different model than the old fashioned timer - it was not designed to be a silo'd device - it is a IoT device. Their are sophisticated free schedulers available that work with EtherRain to give the user a simple yet sophisticated scheduling experience including weather controlled irrigation. EtherRain also works with popular home automation packages. In order to get the full benefits from EtherRain please also look at or OptiRain Open.

  • Thag on Jul. 30th 2016 8:40:59 PM

    No info on wire conditioning/diagnostics. ie: open/short, distance from unit, etc?

  • els on Jul. 20th 2016 4:19:33 PM

    Not sure why we have RS232 and RS485 none of the controllers support either one.

  • els on Jul. 20th 2016 4:18:50 PM

    Not sure who did the hydrawise but it is obviously biased. I nearly bought hydrawise based on the features but found out local API is not supported. Also, local interface is not available - it relies on cloud service and when it is down (Wi-Fi, internet, or cloud server) you can't do much via controller even though it has touchscreen.

  • Anthony on Jul. 6th 2015 10:09:49 AM
    suggested on hydrawise to set Name to Hydrawise
  • Anthony on Jul. 6th 2015 10:09:27 AM
    suggested on hydrawise to set Name to Hydrawise
  • killroyboy on Jun. 13th 2015 12:37:02 AM
    suggested on Skydrop to set Name to Skydrop
  • Arroxane on Nov. 29th 2014 6:34:40 PM

    Very helpful. Thanks!