Smartlook vs. Mouseflow

2020-11-15 11:42:25
Compare Smartlook Free screen recording vs Mouseflow
Smartlook Free screen recordingMouseflow
  • Free with unlimited number of recorded sessions and unlimited number of websites

There isn't any premium plan. It is absolutely for free.
  • Free Plan : 100 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 15€ Plan : 1,000 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 59€ Plan : 10,000 recorded sessions/month and 3 websites
  • 119€ Plan : 25,000 recorded sessions/month and 5 websites
  • 299€ Plan : 100,000 recorded sessions/month and 10 websites
DescriptionSmartlook is easiest way how to record the screen of your visitors. We'll record everything that visitors do on your website for Free. Get started now!Mouseflow offers mouse tracking, session playback, heatmap analysis, funnels and form analytics. Whether you have a website, a webshop or a web application, Mouseflow's mission is to give you the best and fastest way of making real user studies and increasing your conversion rates.
Playback visitor sessionsYes See all mouse movements, clicks, scroll events, key strokes and form interactionYes Watch how your visitors are using your website - seconds after they visited, See all mouse movements, clicks, scroll events, key strokes and form interaction
APIYesYes Extract recording data, page analysis data and statistics through our API.
HTTPSYesYes Mouseflow offers fulls HTTPS support - no workarounds needed.
AJAX supportedYesYes
Dynamic pages supportedYesYes
Advanced FilteringYesYes Advanced, live filtering of all data, including recordings, heatmaps, funnel data and form analytics.
Visitor taggingYes You can tag visitors and use this tag for filteringYes Mouseflow offers tagging and custom variables.
Email Campaign TrackingYesYes
Priority SupportYes Live chat and email support for everyoneYes Support for all users via email, phone, chat. Offers extensive knowledgebase with documentation, best practices and examples.
Hosted solutionsYesYes
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  • Compare Smartlook Free screen recording vs Mouseflow
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  • voted for Mouseflow (Like)
    Posted 2016-02-18 20:50:30 by Morten Hornbæk Trenckner
  • commented on Mouseflow
    I use a combination of MouseFlow and WebMeUp (search engine optimization software) to manage my e-commerce site, and it works like a charm. MouseFlow is great for valuable insight into what people like or don't like on your site. Without real data and stats you can't tell.
    Posted 2013-05-27 18:01:05 by Steve S.

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