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Mouseflow offers mouse tracking, session playback, heatmap analysis, funnels and form analytics. Whether you have a website, a webshop or a web application, Mouseflow's mission is to give you the best and fastest way of making real user studies and increasing your conversion rates.
  • Free Plan : 100 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 15€ Plan : 1,000 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 59€ Plan : 10,000 recorded sessions/month and 3 websites
  • 119€ Plan : 25,000 recorded sessions/month and 5 websites
  • 299€ Plan : 100,000 recorded sessions/month and 10 websites
Change pricing plan at any timeYes
Playback visitor sessionsYes Watch how your visitors are using your website - seconds after they visited, See all mouse movements, clicks, scroll events, key strokes and form interaction
Page analysisYes Find out how much time the users have actually spent on your page and how much of that time was spent interacting with the page; Check the real bounce rate of your page (how many users that bounced after very few seconds)
Click heatmapsYes Get a visual overview of the clicks received by your pages; Compare heatmaps from different periods to measure the effects of changes made to the website; See if non-links are clicked and consider turning them into links
Movement heatmapsYes see heatmaps of your users' mouse movements; Compare heatmaps from different periods to measure the effects of changes made to the website; See if certain regions get too little (or too much) attention
Link analyticsYes analyze each link on your pages with nine analysis figures (clicks, hovers (roll-overs), hover-to-click rate...).
Supports session-dependent pagesYes It supports precise playback and analysis of the mentioned page types (you get an accurate playback of all pages, and you can follow your users through checkout processes, through logins and postbacks without losing track of the visitor)
HTTPSYes Mouseflow offers fulls HTTPS support - no workarounds needed.
Download recordingsYes Heatmaps can be downloaded by using a browser plugin.
Live streamYes Watch near-realtime videos of the users that are online on your website.
Real-Time MonitorYes Mouseflow's Live stream, lets you watch near-realtime videos of the users that are online on your website. So sit back in your control room and watch as your visitors enter your site, interact with your pages, and leave the site again.
Multiple account usersYes create and manage additional user logins to your Mouseflow account. Each user has access to one or more of your website profiles with full or read-only access rights.
APIYes Extract recording data, page analysis data and statistics through our API.
Custom Email AlertsNo
Advanced FilteringYes Advanced, live filtering of all data, including recordings, heatmaps, funnel data and form analytics.
Conversion FunnelsYes Mouseflow's Funnel Analytics is the perfect tool if you want to know more about how your visitors navigate on your site. Using this feature, you can see where your visitors stop, hesitate, and convert.
Attention HeatmapsYes Mouseflow shows where visitors are most engaged and least engaged. It helps you discover how people click, move the mouse, or interact with different parts of a page. In other words, it shows what type of content visitors find interesting.
Viewport mapsYes See how far down the users have scrolled on your pages Get a visual overview on how much time the users have spent on different parts of your page
Scroll Reach HeatmapsYes Mouseflow shows you how far down a page, on average, visitors scroll. This lets you see what is seen and what isn’t seen. You can uncover whether certain content is missed alltogether.
Form AnalyticsYes Mouseflow tracks the time spent, relative time spent, interactions, drop­offs/abandonment, and completions for each form field.
Event-based filteringYes Mouseflow lets you sort/filter your data in real-time glimpse — no need to wait for reports. You can also jump back in time to compare how visitors behave – past and present.
Email Campaign TrackingYes
Priority SupportYes Support for all users via email, phone, chat. Offers extensive knowledgebase with documentation, best practices and examples.
Hosted solutionsYes
Geo HeatmapMouseflow lets you see where visitors are actually located on a map. This helps uncover patterns in different regions of the world so you can understand your visitors inside and out.
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User reviews and comments

  • Steve S. on May 27th 2013 6:01:05 PM

    I use a combination of MouseFlow and WebMeUp (search engine optimization software) to manage my e-commerce site, and it works like a charm. MouseFlow is great for valuable insight into what people like or don't like on your site. Without real data and stats you can't tell.