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2014-09-15 13:50:34
Compare Form Maker vs Form Manager vs Gravity Forms vs Breezingforms vs ContactForm7
Form MakerForm ManagerGravity FormsBreezingformsContactForm7
Last update2014-05-20 18:27:322014-05-20 18:27:322014-05-20 18:27:322014-06-06 01:18:182014-05-20 18:27:32
Multiple pageYesYesYes via additional plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-multi-step-module/
Form field typesSimple text Password Text area Name Address Address(mark on map) E-mail Number Phone Hidden field Date (Single fileld with a picker) Date (3 separate fields) Time Custom Select Country List Checkbox Radio Page break Section Break Star Rating Scale Rating Spinner Slider Range Grading Matrix Submit and Reset CustomTextfield Textarea Radio group Checkbox group Checkbox Select from list File upload Submit button Hidden input Summarize Captcha ReCaptcha Calendar PayPal button DirectPayment buttonText field Email URL Telephone number Number (spinbox) Number (slider) Date Text area Drop-down menu Hidden field Checkboxes Radio buttons Acceptance Quiz CAPTCHA File upload Submit button
Conditional/linked fieldsYesYes javascript or plugin
Country fieldYesNo http://crosstec.de/en/forums/15-usage/7396-country-list.htmlNo via custom select like in https://gist.github.com/MatthewEppelsheimer/1498955
Allow repeat fieldsetNoNoNo
Custom field validationNoYesYes
Free edition5 fields per form - unlimited for pro
  • 2014-05-20 18:06:38
    2014-09-15 13:50:34
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  • Compare Form Maker vs Form Manager vs Gravity Forms vs Breezingforms vs ContactForm7
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