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LanguagesAfrikaans; Azerbaijani; Indonesian; Malay; Javanese; Cebuano; Bosnian; Catalan; Czech; Welsh; Danish; German; Estonian; English (UK); English (US); Spanish; Spanish (Spain); Basque; Filipino; French (Canada); French (France); Frisian; Galician; Guarani; Croatian; Icelandic; Italian; Swahili; Kurdish (Kurmanji); Latvian; Lithuanian; Hungarian; Dutch; Dutch (Belgian); Norsk (Bokmal); Norwegian (Nynorsk); Uzbek; Polish; Portuguese (Brasil); Portuguese (Portugal); Romanian; Albanian; Slovak; Slovenian; Finnish; Swedish; Vietnamese; Turkish; Greek; Bulgarian; Kazakh; МаMacedonian; Mongolian; Russian; Serbian; Тajik; Ukrainian; Georgian; Armenian; Hebrew; Urdu; Arabic; Persian; Nepali; Marathi; Hindi; Bengali; Punjabi; Gujarati; Tamil; Telugu; Kannada; Malayalam; Sinhalese; Thai; Korean; Traditional Chinese (Taiwan); Simplified Chinese (China); Traditional Chinese(Hong Kong); Japanese; Japanese (Kansai)
Multiple AccountsYes
TypeSocial Network
Launch date2004-02-04
Video uploadYes
Android SupportYes
Ease of use (General)5.0 1 rating
Free registrationYes
SMS DeliveryYes
Block UsersYes
Photo UploadYes
iPhone SupportYes
iPad SupportYes
Save User to ContactsYes
Windows Phone 7Yes
Search PeopleYes
Rating4.0 1 rating
Events ManagementYes
Friends updatesGet direct updates from friends you follow or favorite.
Groups or ListsFacebook enables you to make friend lists. They can be grouped into favorites, close friends, family, acquaintances, restricted, or create custom lists to organize friends as you like.
Exclude friends or groups from your updatesYes
Video Group callingNo
Private group chatsYes
Public group chatsYes
Watch youtube videoYes
Adding location to your postsYes
Business profilesYes
Questions and PollsYes
Support third party appsYes
Comment threadsYes
Posts in web search resultsYes
Posts likesYes
Comments likesYes
IM Style ChatYes Facebook messenger
Phone Contact IntegrationYes
Custom Chat AreaYes
Photo based contactYes Facebook profile picture
Make phone callsYes
Make video callsYes
Free phone callsYes
Group callsNo
Group ChatYes
Share photoYes
Share videoYes
File transferYes
Caller IDYes
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