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Open Ventures
DescriptionProvides reputation systems for other businesses/websites.
Operating AnalogyReputational 'currency' based on peer review/weighted ratings.
Video ResourcesBayle Shanks at Ignite in San Diego
Founder(s)Bayle Shanks
ControlInitially benevolent dictatorship, but later, parliamentary democracy with votes weighted by PieShare
Revenue sourcessubscription revenues from website, subscription revenues from embedded API. Also consulting about reputation system design.
Revenue distributionmajority of net distributed proportional to PieShare
Who can participatealmost anyone
Learning Curve
Entry threshold
Platform/User Interfaceweb-based
Transparencyvery high degree of transparency planned after launch. Source code will be publically downloadable, financial books will be open to contributors.
Looking forcontributors: coders to code site, lawyers to design "open venture" legal structure, mathematicians and economists to develop better reputation algorithms, web designers to make site easy to use and good looking, businesspeople to help with everything else
Succession: What if Founders get bored...or die?new leaders elected via PieShare-weighted democratic system
Aug. 16th 2011 11:26:10 AM
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