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2017-12-19 03:19:22

WordPress.com is the hosted version of the well known OpenSource software: WordPress.
This service allows to publish content online, in a light version of WordPress.

Sign up and usage is free, but there are paid options like custom CSS design, personnalised domain name, extended storage space (for images), unlimited users, to be ad free...

If you would like to get more information about the OpenSource software:

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Nielsen Audience/Measures (unique visitors/month - dec 2009 )895000000 Y2016-12
Number of blogs290121
Number of profiles
Online since2000-03-03
Storage space3 GB (+5 - 100 GB option)
Ad free- option payante
Personnalisationeditable CSS (option $14.97/yr)
Barre d'outils/Social Toolbar?
Une ou plusieurs Offres premium?Yes Offres payantes,très Intéréssante,mais l'on peut faire un blog très professionnel,sans offres payantes!
Options Insertion ou autre "Bonus" supplémentaires gratuite?(Pièces Jointes,Vidéo,Gadgets exclusifs,etc..)
Forme du nom de domaine attribuénnomdublog.wordpress.om
Alexa rank19
Alexa rank USA19
Alexa rank France39
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WordPress.com blogging plateform


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