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Compare libraries to simplify data visualisation: amCharts vs arcadiaCharts vs AwesomeChartJS vs CanvasJS Charts vs canvasxpress vs D3.js vs dhtmlxChart vs Dojo vs Dygraphs vs Ejschart vs Elycharts vs Flotvs FusionCharts...

FusionChartsFlotjqPlotMorris.jsZingChartflotr2Elychartsnvd3Dracula Graph LibraryMilkChartjsPlumbDygraphsgRaphaëlcanvasxpressJSXGraphdhtmlxChartCanvasJS ChartsAwesomeChartJSDojo (dojox/charting)D3.jsHighchartsProtovisJavaScript InfoVis ToolkitRickshawShield UI ChartsarcadiaChartsWijmoRGraphamChartsKendoUI DataVizjqChartGoogle Chart ToolsEjschartTeeChartSencha Touch ChartsJSChartsyFiles for HTMLJSCharting
Open sourceNo MIT License MIT, GPL v2 Simplified BSDNo MIT License MIT License Apache 2.0 MIT License MIT License MIT, GPL v2 MIT license MIT License LGPL3 LGPL GNU GPL CC nc 3.0 Apache License v2.0 BSD, AFLv2 BSD License CC by-nc 3.0 BSD LicenseNoNoNo Open Source (MIT)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Trial and Prices999GratuitFreeFreeFull library free to use with small link. Licenses start at $199. SaaS and OEM available.FreeFreeFree depending on Apache 2.0FreeFreeFreeFreeFree (you can donate)FreeFreeFree under GNU GPL, $49999 - SaasFree depending on Apache 2.0FreeFree under BSDFree for non commercial use and testing $ 90 (single website) - $ 3600 (10 developers license with maintenance and support for 12 months)FreeFree (you can donate)Free of charge with copyright attributionFree for Non-commercial use. Requires license for commercial. OEM licensing available.Must link back to site. No license availableFree for non commercial use.
$100 / $250 / $1000
FREE1400 - Saas$ 399$299Free$1000Free - MIT licenseFree under GPLv3 license; $999 commercial license$ 39 - $ 149
Free with watermark
Free trial with watermark. Requires license for commercial use. Royalty free Licenses.Free with small link. Paid licenses for non-branded usage.
DependenciesNonejQueryjQuery Looks as good as Flot (somewhat better), not much support, pluggable but no plugins. Too young.jQuery, Raphaël Not exactly sexy. Needs Rapheal and annotations. No data labels, exporting and missing several chart typesNoneunderscore.js, beam.js No donut chart. Buzzzz. But seems very capable.jQuery,Raphaël Charts seem kind of dinky. REasonable alternative.d3.js and Aight for IE8 support - VERY cool but based on D3, no IE8 and prior.RaphaëljQuery or MooTools or YUI3RaphaëlNoneNone outside of the Dojo Toolkit - VERY nice but heavy for our for partial IE8 compatibility. No dependencies needed for other browsers supportedNoned3.jsjQuerynoneNonejQuery 1.9+NoneNonenone
Graphic technologySVG / VMLCanvasSVGHTML5 Canvas / SVG / VMLCanvasSVGSVGSVGCanvasCanvas / SVG / VMLCanvasSVGCanvasSVGCanvasHTML5 CanvasCanvasSVG, Canvas if not available VML or SilverlightSVGHTML5 Canvas / SVG / VMLSVGCanvasSVGSVG, VMLCanvasSVGCanvas and SVGSVG or VML for old IESVGCanvasSVGCanvas / SVG / VMLCanvasCanvasCanvasSVG+CSS, Canvas, HTMLSVG
Bar vertical only vertical only custom plotter (8 Kb) vertical only horizontal, vertical vertical only vertical onlyNo
PieNoNo (4 Kb)NoNo
Internet Explorer 6.0+ 7+ 6.0+ 6.0+ 6.0+ 6.0+- IE 9, IE8 requires Aight 6.0+ 9.0+ 6.0+- 9.0+ / OR / ie6+ ExplorerCanvas or FlashCanvas 6.0+ 6.0+ IE8+ 6+- IE 9 is supported, IE 8 is supported with Aight 6.0+No Partial 7.0+- IE 9, IE8 requires Aight 5.0+ 6.0+ 6.0+ 7+ 6.0+ 6.0+ 9.0+ 8.0+ IE9+ IE9+
Annotations on the chartNoNoNo IndexlabelsNoNo new Annotation charts available in 2015No
Interactive charts mouse & touch (mobile) interactionNo
Clickable pointsNoNoNo
Demo web
Latest version3.40.7 (mars 2011)1.0.0b2_r10120. (2016)2.1.4-Snapshot (Aug, 2011) Build 1009282.0If you are interested in a far more advanced, interactive JavaScript plotting library, take a look at Flot. (January 2023)3.XQ1 20132.320183.
Library size (compressed+gzip)553 KB310 KB1.1 MB52 KB223 KB32 kb50 KB88.5 KB35 KB27 KB500 KB (can easily be scaled down if you just use a subset of chart types)32 KB3.11 Mb24 KB (only through google link, no offline mode)1.5 MB373 KB
Minified size553 KB161 KB29 KB96 KB65 KB153 KB110 KB28.5 KB519.2 KB54 KB170 KB (can easily be scaled down if you just use a subset of chart types)116 kb45 kb4.7 MB159 KB200 K374 k190 KB6.5 MB373 KB
Area Line charts can also have fills Line charts can also have fills Line charts can also have fillsNoNoNoNo
AreasplineNoNoNoNoNoNo- In progress for next revisionNoNo
DotNoNo- custom plotter (2.5 Kb)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Line (4 Kb)No
SplineNoNoNo only line, not area only line, not area by defaultNoNoNo- In progress for next revisionNoNo
Sparklines based on the line chartNoNoNo- In progress for next revisionNoNo
CandlestickNoNoNo custom plotterNoNoNo- Unofficial example: Highstock, separate productNoNoNoNoNo
Node / Edge graphNo- In developmentNoNo
Other chartsColumn, Funnel, Pyramid, Waterfall, Marimekko, Gauges, Gantt Charts, Heat Map, Radar, Box and Whisker, Kagi, Step LineBullet, Chord, Funnel, Gauge, Grid, Maps, Pareto, Piano/Heatmap, Radar/Polar, Rankflow, Stock/OHLC, Treemap, Venn, WordCloud, Box plot, Population Pyramid, Waterfall, Calendar, Bubble PieBubble, radarFunnelBullet chartVenn diagram, Genome Browser, Heatmap, Correlation plot, Network and pathwayMath...Spline, Step Line, OHLC, Scatter, Funnel, Pyramid, Step Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Area 100%, Range Area, Range Spline Area, Stacked Column, Stacked Column 100%, Range Column, Stacked Bar, Stacked Bar 100%, Range BarBubble, Candlestick (OHLC), Spider. Other Dojo modules provide as well TreeMap, Gauges etc...D3.js is a drawing library, and not just a chart library. You can make virtually any visualization or graph given time.TreeMap, Node linksTreeMap, SpaceTree, RGraph, HyperTree, RGraph, Icicle, Sunburst, ForceDirectedRange Bar/Area/SplineArea, Polar Bar/Area/Spline/Scatter, Stepline, StepareaBipolar, Bar, Donut, Fuel, Funnel, Gantt, Gauge, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Progress bar, Line, Meter, Pie, Radar, Rose, Scatter, Thermometer, Vertical Progress bar, Waterfall, XY Plots, everything AJAX dynamic, Google Sheets supportGauges, Radar, Polar, Step line, Step without Risers, OHLC, area range, Donut, Funnel, Waterfall, Bullet, XY, Maps are available as additional packageLinear Gauge, Radial Gauge, Bubble, Bullet, Donut, Scatter, StockBubble, radar, polarGeo chart, table, gauge, tree mapf(x), Gauge, Donut, alarm, candle stick, step series, over under, open high low, error series, stacked bar, trend, and floating barHorizbar, SmoothLine, Donut, HorizArea, Bubble, Candle (OHLC)While focussed on Node / Edge Graphs, at its core it *can* be used as a visualization library that can visualize almost anything.
Ability to zoom in and out of chartsNoNoNoNoNoNo
Combination of chartsNoNoNoNoNo
Date-time axisNoNoNo- Feasible with custom codeNoNo
Dynamic chartsNoNoNoNoNo Dynamic Node/Edge Graphs
Export filesNoNo PNG, JPGNoNoNoNo SVGNo Workaround available PNG, JPG, SVG, PDFNo-No PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG
External Data Loading- possible with jQueryNoNoNoNo Using dojo/storeNoNo
Highlights regionNoNoNoNoNo
Data labelsNo- Only on a subet of charts, improvement planned for future versionsNo
Text Rotation for LabelsNoNoNoNo With CSS x-y coordinates(of text) needs to be changed after rotation of textNoNo
Tooltips about data pointsNoNo
Google Maps SupportNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo-
Firefox 3.0+ 3.0+ 2.0+ 1.0+ 3.6+ 3.0+ 1.5+ 1.5+
Google Chrome 5.0+ 5.0+ 10+
Safari 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.1 (2.0 on MAC) 3.1+
Opera 9.5+ 9.5+ 9.0+- Might work but not officially supported 9+ 9+
iPhone 1+ 1.0+
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Compare libraries to simplify data visualisation: amCharts vs arcadiaCharts vs AwesomeChartJS vs CanvasJS Charts vs canvasxpress vs D3.js vs dhtmlxChart vs Dojo vs Dygraphs vs Ejschart vs Elycharts vs Flotvs FusionCharts...
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