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Auto Entry

Automated Accounts Payable
Auto Entry
4.0/5 1 Valoración
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Shortlist ComparisonQuite a nice system to use once you've waited a few hours for the processing, although that is quicker and more accurate than Datamolino. Not the most intuitive of systems and there does not seem to be much you can do in terms of settings and nor does it seem to get the settings from Xero, so you need to watch out for things like the category and currency of the invoice. However overall it seems to work better than most, as long as you're using Xero. It seems to rely on its own lists rather than those in Xero - which seems to be duplication of effort and risk of error. It looks as if it can handle bank statements too, which could potentially be handy. Plus the pricing is fair, with a 3 month rolling average and you can even exceed your monthly allowance. It also seems to allow upload of excel and csv files, which is handy in China and Hong Kong.
Multi-user Login
Accurate document recognition Fairly accurate but sometimes have to wait a long time
Can it handle line items?
Is the document flow process automated Can be
Does it store the document against the transaction in the accounting system?
Offers supplier portal
Does it interface with Sage 50?
Quickbooks online
Sage One
MS Dynamics
Is document recognition user-controllable?No
Can it interpret Excel documents? Not as fast or accurate as PDF
Does it offer accounting system dropdown prompts for things such as supplier code, nominal code, product code, etc?
Does it include a document workflow system with stages such as invoice approval?
Can it automatically validate the invoice against a Purchase Order?No
Does it check for duplicate invoice numbers?
Can it post an invoice as approved?
Does it have any kind of dashboard to show status of document flow?
Can it process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices?
Does it have mobile app? Very basic
Can it support large document import?No
Is it Cloud-based or Client/ServerCloud-based
Trial Version available
No User Training Required
Installation and setupVery easy
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2017-06-05 07:16:08
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User reviews and comments

  • Richard on 2017-05-17 19:03:28
    rated this Del artículo: Rating 4/5

    Would get 5 stars if only it handled inventory items