OpenSimUnity3DHigh FidelityVFW SandboxGodot
Free No pro needed $20/yr custom URL
Multiplatform Chrome browser
Physics engine
Sound and music
Persistent worlds Possible Edit-time Possible
Data logging Possible Possible
Object manipulation at runtime Possible
Animated gestures Possible Possible Possible
Collaborative Editing Possible Edit-time Possible
Chat and IM Possible ENET IPv4
Server-client networking ENET IPv4
Opt-out content rights Possible Possible
Friends lists Possible- Possible Possible
Texture upload at runtime Possible- Edit-time- Possible
3D model upload at runtime Possible- Edit-time- GDScript or ASSIMP
HTML4 on an object No HTTPS Possible- GUI onlyNo C++ module
Voice Chat / VoIP PossibleNo BrokenNo C++ module
e-Commerce Setup challenges PossibleNoNo
Appearance customization Possible- Mixamo- Upload mesh- Upload mesh
Heightmap terrainNo
Runs on low spec devices Lag PossibleNo Black screen- Sluggish
Used by a large community RelativelyNo Very SmallNo Very Small- Small
Imports OAR files With free pluginNoNoNo
Commercial use- Pro (if >$100k)
Low Monthly costs Self-host- Plugin determined- Domain URLs Self-host Self-host
Complex 3D shape editing Hollow/taper/twist- Plugins or code- From code Extrude/taper/twistNo GDScript or C++
Imports IAR files- Via OAR no scriptsNoNoNo
Open sourceNo Proprietary
Tutorials and documentation
1.0/5 1 Valoración
5.0/5 1 Valoración
2.0/5 1 Valoración
2.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
Vehicles and alternate control
2.0/5 1 Valoración
5.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
User Interface scripting
1.0/5 1 Valoración
5.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
5.0/5 1 Valoración
Backups- Console/scripts Possible Built-in Possible
Scriptable characters- MockingBOT
Combat and interaction- Limited Possible Possible Possible Possible
Scalability- Bloating Possible- Asset server- Possible
Scripting at runtime- LSL Possible- Edit-time- C++ module
Existing VR support- Experimental- Rendering- GDScript or C++
Animated 3D models- Avatar only- Avatar only?- WebGL format only
Command-line and APIs- Console only Possible- JavaScript only- JavaScript only Possible
Shared content library- Not by default PossibleNo- Possible Possible
Large region sizes- Varregions PossibleNo Not mentioned- Performance Possible
Used by large companies- Education All kindsNo AlphaNo Research Alpha- Indie Devs
Content marketplace- SecondLife Asset StoreNoNoNo
HTTPS and CookiesNo
Stereoscopic 3DNo Possible
HTML5 on an objectNo Possible- GUI onlyNo C++ module
Skeletal trackingNo PossibleNoNo C++ module
Hand trackingNoNoNo C++ module
Mobile supportNo NativeNo HTML5 Native
Pathfinding and AINo Not implemented- JavaScript- JavaScript Possible
Augmented Reality (AR)No ARToolkit SDK- Potentially- JavaScript- C++ module
Peer-to-peer networkingNo Possible- PartialNoNo C++ module
CamerasNo- Partial
HTML5 ClientNo WebGLNo Unknown Chrome browserNo Broken
Garbage collectionNo PossibleNo Not mentioned- VFW framework Possible
Opt-in content rightsNo PossibleNo- Possible Possible
Future migration optionsNoNo- HTML5
Game console supportNoNo- HTML5 + WebGLNo Not public
Minimal network dataNo Constant PossibleNo ConstantNo Constant Possible
Animate at runtimeNo Upload BVG PossibleNo Upload FBXNo Edit-time- Possible
Soft body physicsNo PossibleNoNoNo
Physcally based renderingNo- Needs proNoNo Future version