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Apple iPad vs iPad2 upcoming version (speculations)


Update: This was a speculation comparison we added the actual iPad2 version to see which rumors were wrong

NOTE: The rear camera resolution is still unknown

iPad next generation is highly expected

Here are some speculations of the upcoming iPad version presented as a comparison matrix.

Hardware features

  • Front camera probability: 100%
    There is no way it does not include it. First version should already have it. For the resolution, some rumors talked about a poor resolution 0.7MP (1024x768).

  • Rear camera probability: 100%
    As for the front camera, it's very unlikely that the upcoming iPad version does not have a rear camera. The uncertainty remains for the resolution.

  • RAM probability: 100%
    256MB was barely enough so there is no doubt the iPad 2nd generation will have at least 512MB.

  • Dual core processor probability: 50%
    The first iPad generation is running flawlessly with one core, adding some RAM should be enough to make it comfortable. So this will probably be for a later generation.

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) probability: 50%
    iPhone next generation will most likely have NFC, but it might not be as useful on the iPad, so it's not sure Apple will include it.

  • Retina screen resolution probability: 30%
    The iPhone 4 have a beautiful screen, some expects the same pixel density for the new iPad screen. That would mean 2048x1536 pixels; I don't think there will be enough power to support this resolution while keeping the UI fluid as Apple do it.

  • USB Port, SD Card slot probability: 30%
    It's unlikely that Apple start to include this standard port, since that would cut 64GB sales, in case of several capacity versions.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 probability: 30%
    The latest Bluetooth version is not yet popular, there is very few chances Apple will include this technology in it's upcoming iPad

Apple iPadProbable iPad2Dream iPad2Apple iPad 2
Wi-FiOui 802.11b/gOui 802.11b/g/nOui 802.11b/g/nOui 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth®Oui 2.1 EDROui 2.1 EDROui 3.0Oui 2.1 EDR
Port HDMINonNonOui- $39
Port USB MaitreNonNonOuiNon
3GOuiOuiOuiOui Cellular model
Caméra frontaleNonOui 0.7MPOui 2MPOui 0.3 MP
Caméra arrièreNonOui 5MPOui 8MPOui 0.9 MP
Enregistrement vidéoNonOui 720pOui 1080pOui 720p
Caractéristiques technique
Mémoire vive256 MB512 MB1 024 MB512 MB
ProcesseurApple A4 1GhzA4 1.5GhzDual-core ARM Cortex-A9Apple A5
Mémoire externeNonNonOui SDNon
Mémoire inclus16 GB - 64 GB16 GB - 64 GB32 GB - 128 GB16 GB - 64 GB
Résolution de l'écran1024x7681280x9602048x15361024x768
Taille d'écran9,7 in9,7 in10,1 in9,7 in
Hauteur242,8 mm242,8 mm242,8 mm241,2 mm
Largeur189,7 mm189,7 mm189,7 mm185,7 mm
Profondeur13,4 mm12 mm9 mm8,8 mm
Poids680 g500 g400 g601 g
Autonomie10 h12 h16 h10 h
Système d'exploitationiOS 3.2iOSiOSiOS 4.3, updated to iOS 9.3.5
Format carte SIMmicro-SIMmicro-SIMSIMmicro-SIM
Date de sortie3 avr. 2010 15 avr. 2011 2 mar. 2011 11 mar. 2011
Speculations about the next iPad generation (iPad against iPad2)
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