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Compare MyMicroInvest vs Crowscube vs WiSEED vs Venture Bonsai vs Cofundit
SpredsCrowdcubeWiSEEDVenture BonsaiCofundit
Date de lancement1 nov. 2011 (BE)1 jan. 2011 (UK)1 jan. 2010 (FR)1 jan. 2011 (Finland)1 jun. 2010 (SWLD)
Nb of investors11 2001084 80015 (48 members)
Average invest900 €750 €6 000 €5 200 €
Nb of startups financed21141
Minimum invest per transaction100 €10 £100 €5 000 €2 000 €
Traffic per day1 1001 932800581
DescriptionSpreds is an investment platform where people can invest alongside professionals in European startups and SMEs. They can invest from € 100 under the same financial conditions. Individuals and investment professionals combine their knowledge and investment capacity to achieve success.Crowdcube (U.K. only), which will allow funders to purchase equity in startups, although they need to be friends and familyInvestment in startups from 100€ (Equity)is a growth ecosystem for entrepreneurs, enabling the most promising companies to get traction, find investors and manage a multi-party investment round. The investments to the company are direct share investments with emphasis on full transparency. The investment rounds are typically less than half a million euros.Business Loans, Expert Analysis and Private Investments using Crowd Funding and Open Innovation
Terms+/- 5 years5 to 8 years before exitThe loan lasts no more than 3 years
Type of StartupAll SMEsEntrepreneurs and small businessesYoug innovative startupsExisting and proved businesses with short term repayement capacity
Frais d'inscriptionNo fee£250No fee100€
Financing ranging75K€ to no upper limit because regulated prospectusFrom 30K£ to 200K£100K€From EUR 100k up to EUR 2.0 Moi
Fee paid by investor2 % per year5 % of funding5 % of funding + transaction fee5 % of funding
Fee paid by Startup3k for non regulated to 6k for regulated transactions EUR (prospectus and legal fees)5% fee (+legal fees of £1750)10% of amount raised10% of amount raised
Compare MyMicroInvest vs Crowscube vs WiSEED vs Venture Bonsai vs Cofundit
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