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Google Adwords vs Facebook ads


Online small businesses need to do online advertisement to get visbility on Internet and get new customers or leads. But where and how to advertise?

The 2 main competitors in this area are simply Google Adwords (search terms campaigns targeting keywords) and Facebook Ads (you can get a free ad coupon if you use a minimum daily budget target a specific user profile/customer)..

Google AdwordsFacebook Ads
DescriptionYou target specific keywords that users decide to search. You need to find the best search terms that describe your solution or product in order to have an efficient advertisement campaign.You can reach the exact target audience you need, through filters and the fact tha Facebook know a lot of information about their members such as their sex, age, job...
Free Ad coupon50 $
Minimum monthly budgetNon- $50 for the first month (in order to get the free coupon)
Ad formatsA lot of ad formats (text, image, rich format) with various sizes
Assistance téléphoniqueNonOui 4 weeks for free
Compare and Advertise on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads
6 oct. 2012 22:45:33
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