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This comparison list the JavaScript libraries that help developers to integrate an online rich text editor in their website.

Online rich text editors allow users to easily format text the way they want directly in a browser. Formatting is usually done in a very similar way as Word processors, using buttons or drop down menus to select the font style, sizes....


WYSIWYG: These editors usually show directly the result while editing "what-you-see-is-what-you-get". MarkitUp is the exception here; this library helps to format HTML or other markup languages but do not show directly the result.

Integration mode:

  • iframe This technique use an iframe tag to integrate the content area. This allow to separate the content inside the editor from the rest of the page. This way the content styles can still match event if the edition page and target page is not the same.
  • in-place This technique allows to keep the overall layout.
  • textarea This technique use a textarea tag and result in raw text formatted as markup language (but not directly showing the result).
Alloy EditorAloha EditorCKEditorContentToolsFroala EditorjWYSIWYGMarkitUpMedium editorNicEditQuillRaptor EditorRedactorSummernoteTextbox.ioTinyMCETrumbowygWYSIHTML5XinhaYUI Rich Text Editor
Dernière version2. r24 - abandoned since 2012.1.3.610. - no longer maintained2.9.0 - no longer maintained
Date de sortie22 oct. 2019 12 nov. 2019 23 oct. 2019 9 aoû. 2018 16 aoû. 2019 7 mai 2011 16 aoû. 2018 7 jun. 2012 12 mar. 2018 15 jul. 2015 17 mai 2015 21 nov. 2016 5 jun. 2019 4 nov. 2019 16 mar. 2015 12 mai 2010 13 avr. 2011
LicenceLGPL-3GPLv2 / Commercial starting at 200 EURGPL 2+, CommercialMITCommercial, Paid / GPLMIT / GPLMITMITBSD 3-ClauseGPLv3 and CommercialCommercialMITCC BY-NC-ND, CommercialLGPL, CommercialMITBSDBSD
DépendancesCKEditor's engine, uses React to draw the UIindependentjQueryjQueryjQuery 1.9.1+jQuery, Bootstrap, Font-Awesomeversion jQuery optionneljQuery 1.7+The code is completely library agnosticYUI
Intégrationen-placeen-placeiframeen-placeen-place et iframeen-placetextareatextareaen-placeen-placeen-placeen-place et iframeen-place et iframeen-placeiframeiframeen-place
WYSIWYGOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiNonOui LightOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Format de sortiehtml
Insertion de lienOuiOui pluginOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Link CheckingOui Yes. Premium solution, checks link validity in real time.
Insertion d'imageOui Can paste images and take camera pictures- Plugin; may not work - Upload, paste from clipboard: Yes. Paste from clipboard, drag&drop, get from URL, upload, choose from a list of images.Non Can't paste from clipboardOui- Drag & drop, but not upload or paste - Can't paste imagesOui- Upload images; can't paste from clipboard - Paste from clipboardOui Yes Automatic image uploads, drag & drop, copy paste images from desktop applications, copy-paste from clipboard multi-images and text from Microsoft Word.Oui Yes. Drag & drop. In-editor image manipulation and editing. Premium Word, Excel, web copy/paste from clipboard with multi-images. Easy integration with Tiny Drive file uploader & media management.- Can paste from clipboard or insert from URL. No option to upload.- Can't upload or paste -
Media EmbedOui Yes. Embedding video from YouTube, Twitter posts and a lot of other reach media sourcesOui Yes. Premium solution, responsive, rich media embeds from 1,800 sources. Live previews inside editor.
Rich text pasteOui Better thank CKEditor for the same testOui Powerful. Cleans up data to matches available editor features. Very configurable.Non Formatting is lostOui Can be enabled using the editor options. No - loses all formattingOuiOui Preserves formattingOui Yes Configurable. Enterprise can preserve or remove formatting.Oui Yes configurable. Premium solution (PowerPaste) can preserve or remove formatting.- Almost perfect -
Edition de tableauOuiOui pluginOui Editing features in context menu.OuiOui v3 comes with one of the most advanced table editing tools.OuiNonOuiNon- Can edit table content, but requires plugin to edit tablesOuiOui Yes Solid - http://textbox.ioOui Yes, solid, stable tables. Popup table toolbar or context menu.Non Would need plugin -
Correcteur orthographiqueOui Uses the browser's built-in, can use CKEditor's spellcheck pluginsNonOui WebSpellChecker.netNon Relies on browser spell checker supportOui Browser default spellcheckNonNonNonOui Uses the browser's built-inNon Not baked in but most modern browsers spell-checkOui Uses the browser's built-inOui Yes On premise spell checking service, cloud spell checker available.Oui plugin nécessitant PHPOui Uses the browser's built-inNonNonNon
PluginsOui Can use almost all of CKEditor's plugins, has a few own too (for example for auto-link insertion)OuiOui Add-ons RepositoryOui pas de plugin publique mais extensibleOuiOuiOuiOui Yes. Always growing list of open source, premium and partner plugins to extend the editor. Includes track changes and comments.Oui Yes, 3 at the moment -
Bascule en mode HTMLOuiNon Apparently not?OuiOuiOui Code Mirror integration for HTML highlightingOuiOuiOuiNonOuiOui YepOui Automatic indentation & syntax highlighting.Oui Yes. Open source HTML code view. Premium solution, IDE-like features inc code folding, syntax highlighting.Non Yes but may lose formatting -
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Mis à jour14 nov. 2019 21:46:3814 nov. 2019 21:46:3814 nov. 2019 21:47:3214 nov. 2019 21:48:5725 sep. 2019 16:26:3229 mai 2015 13:41:5414 nov. 2019 21:56:041 jun. 2015 11:53:2829 mai 2015 13:41:5414 nov. 2019 21:46:3829 mai 2015 13:41:5430 jul. 2015 20:40:3324 nov. 2020 16:54:1112 déc. 2016 23:32:1112 jun. 2019 21:39:2714 nov. 2019 21:54:4029 mai 2015 13:41:5429 mai 2015 13:41:5429 mai 2015 13:41:54
Mobile ReadyNon No - iOS 6+, Chrome for AndroidNon Editor is currently aimed at desktop devices.Oui iOS, AndroidOui Yes, with a minor problem in the demo - Yes iOS, AndroidOui Yes. iOS. Android.
Taille minifié598 Kb, 167Kb gzipped241 kb / 49kb gzipped (figures include JS, CSS, images and fonts).140 Kb, 38Kb gzipped120 KB948 kb, 284kb gzipped383 kb, 129kb gzipped15 K
Floating toolbarOui Yes - see demoOui Yes: Yes.OuiOui Yes, see the "Air mode"Oui Yes when using inline (in-place) mode.Oui Yes. Floating and Sliding modes.
Initialization time30 ms
Compare les librairies javascript pour réaliser un éditeur de texte riche (rich text editor): Aloha Editor, CKEditor, MarkitUp, NicEdit, TinyMCE, Xinha, YUI Rich Text Editor
24 nov. 2020 16:54:11
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Avis utilisateurs et commentaires

  • evawhittle le 18 avr. 2020 04:37:07

    I prefer TinyMCE because of its extensive features available and easy operation. Its Rich text paste plugin support is a really helpful feature which enables users to copy/paste data from any source and to ensure clean, compliant content that matches the look and feel of the site. If you are looking for an cost effective alternative to Powerpaste plugin in TinyMCE then PasteitCleaned is the best option. Very easy to use and available at an affordable price.

  • Aleksandra Nikolova le 8 aoû. 2016 13:10:41

    I use shieldui editor - it used for rich text editing via a powerful WYSIWYG component

  • dandv le 29 mai 2015 13:04:26
    suggère de modifier WYSIHTML5 en mettant la valeur de Nom à WYSIHTML

    xing/wysihtml5 was no longer developed and was taken over in a fork by Voog now.

  • Manuel Aghamanoukjan le 27 nov. 2013 14:46:54

    Aloha Editor is GPLv2 by the way

  • Alexis le 3 aoû. 2011 22:11:19

    Thanks for the correction. I've checked yesterday and rechecked today; I don't know how I missed it.