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Compare Frontline SMS vs SMS Sync vs SMS Centre vs Clickatell vs Drupal SMS Framework vs Slingshot SMS vs Rapid SMS vs Kannel vs Rapid Android vs Envaya SMS

chatti SMS GatewayClickatellDrupal SMS FrameworkEnvaya SMSFrontline SMSJasmin SMS GatewayKannelMy SMS GatewayRapid SMS GEYWAY APISlingshot SMSSMS CentreSMS Gateway Ultimate Prosms getway apiSMS ProximaSMS SyncSMSSync SMS GatewayWhoIsIt
IntroductionBusiness communication has never been easier. Engage with your customers via SMS on one of the world's largest SMS Gateway's with Chatti and Vonage. Start instantly using our online platform or using our API's. Over 1.25 million developers build apps using our API's. Trusted by the world's leading brands. With Chatti's 24/7 expert support, 100% SMS delivery guarantee & best price guaranteed, Chatti is the best choice for sending business SMS messaging.Clickatell has been established for more than a decade and is the world's largest online SMS Gateway covering 962 networks in 224 countries and territories, with the potential to reach over 5 billion mobile phone users. We deliver carrier-grade mobile messaging solutions that have been embraced by more than 13,000 enterprise, government, medium and small business customers and application developers.The SMS Framework is set of modules that enables interaction between mobile users and Drupal using SMS. Several popular SMS gateways are supported and the included API allows developers to add support for additional gateways. The API also allows other modules to implement SMS features. Integrates with the following gateways: Clickatell email gateways - sending sms via email (through supported carriers) Txtlocal smsgui Twilio Mysmsmantra Mobivity Lox24 Tropo Vianett Wire2Air Mediaburst Mobile Commons alfahosting EnvayaEnvayaSMS is a SMS and MMS gateway running entirely as an Android app. It forwards incoming SMS and MMS messages to a web server on the Internet, and sends outgoing messages from the web server to other phones. People with any type of mobile phone can send SMS and MMS to a phone running EnvayaSMS, without needing their own Android phone. It works wherever the phone can receive SMS messages and access the Internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile data connection). Appears to be capable of sending up to 1000 messages per hour, depending on the length of the message, the handset used and the network limitations. It offers a REST API and is available under an MIT license. No longer under development. Now switched to offering hosted version called Version 2 is a new version of the software designed to be more intuitive, simpler to extend and run over networks, and to make it easier to manage larger volumes of messages. Browser-based and built to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, FrontlineSMS still does not need the Internet to work, sending text messages via a phone, modem or online SMS aggregator. FrontlineSMS Version 2 makes it easy to create and manage common SMS activities like making announcements, conducting polls and automatically replying to incoming SMS. Our polls activity visualizes incoming data, allowing you to quickly understand the results. You can manage messages more easily with a flexible filing system, featuring folders and an archive capability; as well as an inbox, outbox, and the ability to monitor pending messages. Important messages can be starred for later, and a more robust search allows you to locate messages based on name, location, or date as well as by activity, group and folder. You can export your messages limited by date range, or from any search result, collection of messages or group of contacts.Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features such as: SMPP Client / Server HTTP Client / Server Console-based configuration, no service restart required Based on AMQP broker for store&forward mechanisms and other queuing systems Using Redis for in-memory DLR tracking Advanced message routing/filtering (Simple, Roundrobin, Failover, Leastcost ...) Web ui for management Supports Unicode (UTF-8) for sending out multilingual SMS Supports easy creation and sending of specialized/binary SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push, Vcards Supports concatenated SMS strings (long SMS) Jasmin relies heavily on message queuing through message brokers (Using AMQP), it is designed for performance, high traffic loads and full in-memory execution.Kannel is a compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway, used widely across the globe both for serving trillions of short messages (SMS), WAP Push service indications and mobile internet connectivity. Linux only. Not in active development but well documented. Features include: Work as both Pull and Push gateway Can handle 7-bit, 8-bit and Unicode data Delivery reports Can handle hundreds of messages per second in average workstation Can be used to send operator logos, ringing tones, OTA configurations, WAP SI messages etc. but usually the message must be created by hand Supports following SMS center protocols: CIMD 1.3, CIMD 2.0, SMPP 3.4, UCP/EMI 4.0. Also: SEMA SMS2000 OIS protocol for SMS centers over Radiopad and X.25. Can use GMS phones and GSM modems as pseudo SMS center Can connect various HTTP based content gateways Can work as aggregator Local server and handset required or can interface directly with network's SMS centerThe ultimate SMS Gateway on your device! Send SMS through HTTP GET requests, add users which can send SMS through a web page (and optionally limit to a set amount per month), parse incoming SMS and forward them to Email, SMS, URL based on rules! And more! Free! - Start/Stop the SMS Gateway automatically when connected/disconnected from a specified WIFI network, or on boot - Set rules to forward incoming SMS - Allow users to send SMS through your device - Optionally only allow certain IP’s - Verbose log (filter, email, etc) - Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP of your deviceRapidSMS is an SMS-based tool that allows for mobile data collection and bulk sms messaging. User can collect both quantitative and qualitative data through SMS forms. RapidSMS also features bulk SMS messaging functionality similar to what you would find in desktop SMS tools like Frontline SMS. Offers more than just a gateway. Includes an interface to manage bulk messaging and data collection - things that we don't need. Local server and handset requiredSently allows you create and send messages to a targeted audience. These messages may be text, images, animations, videos, sound files or other file formats. As long as you comply with these Terms, you have the right to use the Service and promote the use of this service to your target audience.Using an GSM modem or cellphone, SlingshotSMS will send and receive text messages on behalf of your web application. It builds on the work ofpygsm, an excellent Python library for dealing with AT-compatible modems. What this means is that SlingshotSMS is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can interface with a wide range of GSM modems and cell phones - including many sub-$200 field-ready modems. All code is available on github. Appears to offer a JSON API. Very lightweight, but no active development at the moment. Local server and handset requiredA short message service center (SMSC) is a network element in the mobile telephone network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert and deliver SMS messages. Some mobile networks provide access to their SMSC via an API or other method for customers sending large volumes of SMS. The features and cost will depend on the network and the volumes you plan to send.The ultimate SMS Gateway on your device! Send SMS through HTTP GET requests, add users which can send SMS through a web page (and optionally limit to a set amount per month), parse incoming SMS and forward them to Email, SMS, URL based on rules! And more!Using our free service you can turn your Android phone into a free SMS Gateway. Allowing you to both send and receive SMS messages programmatically using our restful APISMS Proxima is a french SMS gateway. It allows you to easily send SMS to promote your activity.SMSSync is a simple, yet powerful SMS to HTTP sync utility, that turns any Android phone into a local SMS gateway by sending incoming messages (SMS) to a configured URL (web service). Available from Ushahidi under an open source license. Appears to have current development support. Available in Portuguese and many other languages.SMSSync allows you to turn your Android powered phone into an SMS gateway. It supports filtering text messages by keywords and can transmit the text message to a configured callback URL via HTTP POST requesWhoIsIt Lite is a ringtone / notification manager which has the following features: * Setup different ringtones and vibration patterns for Gmail, SMS, MMS, Google Talk, Google Voice, and K-9 for each contact * Announce (speak) incoming caller, Gmail, SMS, MMS, Google Talk, Google Voice, and K-9 for each contact * Gmail account-based ringtones For more advanced features such as VIP contacts, profiles, profile scheduling, widgets and more please check out the paid version of WhoIsIt. Keywords; Ringo, Profiles, Audio, VIP, Ringtones, Notification, Vibration, Contacts
VolumeUnlimitedHighDepends on which gateway you use<1000/hourNo information availableHigh<1000/hour
Set-up cost25 free SMS credits, get instant access to platform and API.None - download their app or use APIFREE - Open sourceFREEFREEDepends on the networkPAIDfreeFreeFREEFREE
Cost per SMSDepends on country & best price guranteeDepends on country.Depends on networkDepends on networkSIM NETWORK CHARGES APPLYDepends on volumeDepends on network
Auto-responder messagesYESNone
Open sourceNonNonOuiOuiOuiNonNonNonOuiNonNon
APIOuiOui- HTTP and SMPP- varies depending on providerOui PHPOuiOui
Local numberOui- only available in a few countriesOui just use a local SIM cardOui just use a local SIM cardOui JUST USE A LOCAL SIM CARDOui just use a local SIM card
Short codeOui- but only in some countries
Incoming messagesOuiOui but local numbers not always availableOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Outgoing messagesOuiOui but may be from an international numberOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Hosted, Network or HandsetHostedHostedHosted or handsetHandsetHandsetNetwork, hosted or handsetNetwork, hosted or handsetHandsetHandsetNetworkHandset
Flag priority messages ?OuiOui
Compare Frontline SMS vs SMS Sync vs SMS Centre vs Clickatell vs Drupal SMS Framework vs Slingshot SMS vs Rapid SMS vs Kannel vs Rapid Android vs Envaya SMS
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