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Resume/CV Parsers
Site web
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Prix0 USD for testing via our website. We also offer multiple licensing models to fit your business model.
SaaSOui SaaS platform. Available as self-hosted.
ScalabilityOui Highly scalable solutions. Plans can be changed as required.
Formats d'entréeDOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF.
Méthode de saisieUpload directly to website. Automate upload via our API.
Format de sortieJSON, XLS, XML
Méthode d'exportJSON, XLS, XML
Multi Locale SupportOui Supports 40+ languages
Batch UploadOui Batch requests via web application, and API.
ParticularitésBuilt in 2020 using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. No technology debt. Highly flexible solution, can be tailored to each client's specific needs.
Source code repository
IntégrationEasy integration via API and just a few lines of code.
Thoughput (Advertised)
Support 24/7Oui Email and online support.
Assistance téléphoniqueOui
Company Info
SociétéLeader in document reading and processing technology, with over 7 years experience. Experience processing millions of documents each year for clients around the globe.
Siège socialMelbourne, Australia
Intégrés en tant que partenairesNDAs in place
Site web
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