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Flowbite is an open-source library of over 400+ web components and interactive elements built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS. Flowbite-Svelte is the official Flowbite library for Svelte. All interactivities are handled by Svelte.

Unlike other libraries, Flowbite focuses on a singular and opinionated design aesthetic. Flowbite is a general purpose library, which means it can be used within any framework, but also provides framework-specific variations like Flowbite Svelte. It’s relatively simple to tailor a Flowbite component to work within an existing Tailwind design system.

Best Svelte UI Components Libraries
Flowbite Svelte
AppShell- Navbar, Sidebar, Footer components...
Dark Mode / LightswitchOui
FooterOui Use the footer section at the bottom of every page to show valuable information to your users, such as sitemap links, a copyright notice, and a logo
NavbarOui The navbar component can be used to show a list of navigation links positioned on the top side of your page based on multiple layouts, sizes, and dropdowns (Navbar with search, CTA button...Sticky navbar)
SidebarOui Use the sidebar component to show a list of menu items and multi-level dropdown items on either side of the page to navigate on your website (with content separator, add a CTA button, show logo...)
AnchorOui The link component can be used to set hyperlinks from one page to another or to an external website when clicking on an inline text item, button, or card
BreadcrumbsOui Show the location of the current page in a hierarchical structure using the breadcrumb components
Drawer (or Off-canvas)Oui The Drawer component can be used as a hidden off-canvas sidebar for navigation and to show other information based on multiple styles and placements
PaginationOui Use the Tailwind CSS pagination element to indicate a series of content across various pages
TabsOui Use these responsive tabs components to create a secondary navigational hierarchy for your website or toggle content inside a container (Tabs with underline, with icons...)
Data Display
AccordionOui Use the accordion component to show hidden information based on the collapse and expand state of the child elements using data attribute options
AvatarOui Use the avatar component to show a visual representation of a user profile using an image element or SVG object based on multiple styles and sizes
BadgeOui Use Tailwind CSS badges as elements to show counts or labels separately or inside other components
CardOui Get started with a large variety of Tailwind CSS card examples for your web project
CarouselOui Use the carousel component to slide through multiple elements and images using custom controls, indicators, intervals, and options
Conic GradientsNon
DropdownOui to show a list of menu items when clicking on the trigger element based on multiple layouts, styles, and placements
ImageOui The image component can be used to embed images inside the web page in articles and sections based on multiple styles, sizes, layouts and hover animations (image effects...)
Image Lists / Gallery
KbdOui Use the KBD component as an inline element to denote textual user input from the keyboard inside paragraphs, tables, and other components
List GroupOui Use the list group component to display a series of items, buttons or links inside a single element, with links, with icons...
PopoverOui Use the popover component to show detailed information inside a pop-up box relative to the element that is being clicked or hovered based on multiple styles (Image popover, progress popover...)
RatingOui Use the rating component to show reviews and testimonials from your users using stars and scores based on multiple styles and sizes
TableOui Use the table component to show text, images, links, and other elements inside a structured set of data made up of rows and columns of table cells (Checkboxes, search input, table foot, table caption, colors..)
ThemeIconOui You can uses Svelte-Heros-v2 and other icon sets for Flowbite-Svelte. Svelte-Heros-v2 icons allow you to change the icon color, size, and other props.
TimelineOui Get started with the responsive timeline component to show data in a chronological order with support for multiple styles, sizes, and variants (vertical timeline, horizontal timeline, activity log...)
TypographyOui Use the typography and the utility classes from Tailwind CSS to style text with FlowBite
VideoOui Use the video component to configure an embedded video player using native HTML 5 functionality based on the utility classes from Tailwind CSS (responsive, autoplay, custom styles: rounded corners...)
Inputs & Actions
ButtonOui Use the button component inside forms, as links, social login, payment options with support for multiple styles, colors, sizes, gradients, and shadows
Button GroupOui Button groups are a Tailwind CSS powered set of buttons sticked together in a horizontal line
CheckboxOui The checkbox component can be used to receive one or more selected options from the user in the form of a square box available in multiple styles, sizes, colors, and variants coded with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS and with support for dark mode. (checkbox with a link, helper text, colors...)
CheckboxGroupOui Vertical or Horizontal list group, advanced layout...
FileInputOui The file input component can be used to upload one or more files from the device storage of the user available in multiple sizes, styles, variants and support for dark mode. (Multiple files, Helper text...)
Floating LabelOui Use the floating label style for the input field elements to replicate the Material UI design system from Google and choose from multiple styles and sizes
InputOui Input element with icon
Radio ButtonOui to let the user choose a single option from multiple options in the form of a circle based on multiple styles and colors
RangeOui to receive a number from the user anywhere from 1 to 100 by sliding form control horizontally based on multiple options
Search InputOui Use the search input component as a text field to allow users to enter search queries and receive relevant page results available in multiple styles and sizes
SelectOui to allow the user to choose from one or more options from a dropdown list based on multiple styles, sizes, and variants
Speed DialOui The speed dial component can be used as a quick way to show a list of action buttons to a user when hovering or clicking on the main trigger element.
Slider- see Range component
Switch ToggleOui Use the toggle component to switch between a binary state of true or false using a single click available in multiple sizes, variants, and colors
DatePicker- experimental component and only works with SvelteKit.
AlertOui Show contextual information to your users using alert elements based on Tailwind CSS
Notification / ToastsOui Push notifications to your users using the toast component and choose from multiple sizes, colors, styles, and positions
Linear ProgressOui Use the progress bar component to show the completion rate of a data indicator or use it as a loader element (with label inside, outside...colors...)
Progress Radials / Circular ProgressNon
SkeletonOui The skeleton component can be used as an alternative loading indicator to the spinner by mimicking the content that will be loaded such as text, images, or video
SpinnerOui Use the spinner component as a loader indicator in your projects when fetching data based on an animated SVG
Affix- Sticky navbar
MenuOui Use the mega menu component as a full-width dropdown inside the navbar to show a list of menu items based on multiple sizes, variants, and styles. (with icons, images...)
ModalOui Use the modal component to show interactive dialogs and notifications to your website users available in multiple sizes, colors, and styles
TooltipOui Use the following Tailwind CSS powered tooltips to show extra content when hovering or focusing on an element (Tooltip arrow, colors...)
Code blocks
ColorsOui Choose your primary color in tailwind.config.cjs file
Close ButtonOui The CloseButton components are used throughout the library and you can use it for your app as well
LabelOui The Label components are used throughout the library and you can use it for your app as well
Local Storage Store
ToolbarOui Use the following Tailwind CSS powered toolbars to show groups of tool buttons
Svelte Actions / Hooks Library
Image FiltersNon
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