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2012-05-12 21:50:32
Android Fitness GPS Tracking Apps for Running, Walking, Cycling
MapMyFitness MapMyRun & MapMyRide & MapMyWalk
Subscription FeeFree, or Bronze($6.99)/Silver($11.99)/Gold($19.99) monthly PREMIUM optional subscription
Absence de publicité- Yes, for subscribers
Site web
Other PlatformsiPhone, Blackberry
RemarquesHave several apps that do almost exactly the same thing. mapMyRun, mapMyRide, mapMyFitness+, mapMyWalk, mapMyHike, MapMyDOGWALK, etc. It is rather confusing to end users. Website divides up Routes vs Workouts a bit oddly. Cannot see all stats/history for a single event in one place.
Popularity1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs for MapMyRun Alone. Difficult to track because of all variations of the same app.
Developer HeadquartersAustin, TX, USA
In-App Features
Live GPS TrackingOui
Live Map ViewOui
Nutrition LogOui
Workout Schedule / Training PlanNon
Keep Screen AliveOui Keep light on up to 120sec
Screen Orientation Lock- Always Vertical
Interval Training
Time GoalsNon
Distance GoalsNon
Calorie GoalsNon
Heart Rate Monitor SupportNon
Cadence Sensor SupportNon
Countdown to StartNon
In-App Workout Stats
Imperial UnitsOui
Metric UnitsOui
Workout HistoryOui
Route HistoryOui Can view maps
Calories BurnedOui
Pace GraphNon
Speed GraphNon
Elevation GraphNon
Heart Rate GraphNon
Audio features
Integrated Music PlaylistOui
Announce Elapsed TimeOui Intervals configurable by time
Announce DistanceOui Intervals configurable by distance
Announce Avg SpeedOui
Announce Instantaneous SpeedOui
Announce Avg PaceOui
Announce Instantaneous PaceOui
Website Features
Workout HistoryOui
Route HistoryOui
Speed GraphOui Yes, under "Workouts", not "Routes"
Pace GraphOui Yes, but under "Workouts", not "Routes"
Elevation GraphOui
Workout Schedule / Training Plan- Premium Only
Draw RoutesOui Very nice interface for drawing
Edit RoutesOui
Export RoutesOui
Export Workout FormatsGPX, KML
Import RoutesOui
Import Route FormatsFIT, GPX, HRM, JSON, TCX
Social Features
Share On FacebookOui
Share on Google+Non
Share on TwitterOui
Live TrackingOui
Friend Activity StreamOui
Compete on a Route
Add Others' RoutesOui
Photo Upload
Workout Types
WalkingOui Includes Power Walk, Treadmill
CyclingOui Mountain Bike, Touring Bike, Fixie, Cruiser
GPS Signal3.0 1 note
Program Stability5.0 1 note
Statistic Accuracy4.0 2 notes

MapMyFitness MapMyRun & MapMyRide & MapMyWalk


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