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2012-05-12 21:37:14
Android Fitness GPS Tracking Apps for Running, Walking, Cycling
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Subscription Fee$0
Absence de publicitéOui
Site web
Other PlatformsNone
RemarquesMy Tracks seems good for recording paths, but is not very geared towards the fitness aspect. No calorie stats. It doesn't really have any kid of fitness goals, coaching, training, calendars, etc. Very limited to Android-only. Very detailed control of measurement capture intervals.
Developer HeadquartersGoogle? Open Source Development
In-App Features
Live GPS TrackingOui
Live Map ViewOui
Nutrition LogNon
Workout Schedule / Training PlanNon
Keep Screen AliveNon
Screen Orientation LockNon Screen rotates, and there is no lock.
Interval TrainingNon
Time GoalsNon
Distance GoalsNon
Calorie GoalsNon
Heart Rate Monitor SupportOui
Cadence Sensor SupportOui
Auto-PauseOui Not a setting, but keeps track of normal and moving stats separately.
Countdown to StartNon
In-App Workout Stats
Imperial UnitsOui
Metric UnitsOui
Workout History- Keeps track & times, but not really "workout" oriented
Route HistoryOui
Calories BurnedNon
Pace GraphNon
Speed GraphOui
Elevation GraphOui
Heart Rate GraphOui
Audio features
Integrated Music PlaylistNon
Announce Elapsed Time
Announce Distance
Announce Avg Speed
Announce Instantaneous Speed
Announce Avg Pace
Announce Instantaneous Pace
Website Features
Workout History- Show up in Google Docs. No link to route.
Route History- Show up in Google My Places. No link to Maps
Speed Graph
Pace Graph
Elevation Graph
Workout Schedule / Training PlanNon Unless you count Google Calendar
Draw RoutesOui
Edit RoutesOui
Export RoutesOui
Export Workout FormatsGPX, KML, CSV, or TCX
Import RoutesOui
Import Route FormatsKML, KMZ, or GeoRSS
Social Features
Share On FacebookOui
Share on Google+Oui
Share on TwitterOui
Live TrackingNon
Friend Activity StreamNon
Compete on a RouteNon
Add Others' RoutesNon Video shows searching for other routes, but doesn't seem to work
Photo UploadNon
Workout Types
Running- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
Walking- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
Cycling- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
Hiking- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
GPS Signal0 aucune note
Program Stability0 aucune note
Statistic Accuracy0 aucune note
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    2012-05-12 21:37:14
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