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Android Fitness GPS Tracking Apps for Running, Walking, Cycling

Comparison of various fitness & GPS Tracking apps for Android. Compare MapMyFitness MapMyRun & MapMyRide vs RunKeeper vs Endomondo vs My Tracks vs adidas miCoach vs Sports Tracker vs runtastic vs Noom CardioTrainer vs SmartRunner. Please feel free to contribute and update as necessary. This takes a lot of work and research on my own! Thanks!
MapMyFitness MapMyRun & MapMyRide & MapMyWalkRunKeeperEndomondoMy TracksOruxMapsSports TrackerNoom CardioTrainerSmartRunner
Cost$0$0$0, $3.99 Pro$0Free or $2.62 donation
Subscription FeeFree, or Bronze($6.99)/Silver($11.99)/Gold($19.99) monthly PREMIUM optional subscriptionFree, or Elite for $4.99/mo or $19.99/yr.Free or $6/mo or $39/yr Lounge Member subscription$0$0
Absence de publicité- Yes, for subscribersOui Only advertises Pro versionOui
Other PlatformsiPhone, BlackberryiPhone, Windows Phone 7iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Windows CE, Symbian, JavaNoneiPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Bada
RemarquesHave several apps that do almost exactly the same thing. mapMyRun, mapMyRide, mapMyFitness+, mapMyWalk, mapMyHike, MapMyDOGWALK, etc. It is rather confusing to end users. Website divides up Routes vs Workouts a bit oddly. Cannot see all stats/history for a single event in one place.My Tracks seems good for recording paths, but is not very geared towards the fitness aspect. No calorie stats. It doesn't really have any kid of fitness goals, coaching, training, calendars, etc. Very limited to Android-only. Very detailed control of measurement capture intervals.
Popularity1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs for MapMyRun Alone. Difficult to track because of all variations of the same app.Seems quite popular with iPhone usersMore popular in Europe than US. 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs500,000 - 1,000,000 Installs
Developer HeadquartersAustin, TX, USABoston, MA, USACopenhagen, Denmark & San Francisco, CA, USAGoogle? Open Source Development
In-App Features
Live GPS TrackingOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Live Map ViewOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Nutrition LogOuiNonNonNon
Workout Schedule / Training PlanNonOui FitnessClassesNonNon
Keep Screen AliveOui Keep light on up to 120secNonNonNonOui
Screen Orientation Lock- Always VerticalOui Choose between vertical and horizontal (only 90 degrees of options, though)- Always VerticalNon Screen rotates, and there is no lock.
Interval Training- FitnessClasses. Cost per class, discounted for Elite- ProNon
Time GoalsNonOui Activity Countdown Timer Setting- ProNon
Distance GoalsNonNonOuiNon
Calorie GoalsNonNon- ProNon
Heart Rate Monitor SupportNonOuiOuiOui
Cadence Sensor SupportNonNonOuiOui
Auto-PauseNonOuiOuiOui Not a setting, but keeps track of normal and moving stats separately.
Countdown to StartNonNonOuiNon
In-App Workout Stats
Imperial UnitsOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Metric UnitsOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Workout HistoryOuiOuiOui- Keeps track & times, but not really "workout" oriented-
Route HistoryOui Can view mapsOuiOuiOuiOui
Calories BurnedOuiOuiOuiNon
Pace GraphNon- ProNon
Speed GraphNon- ProOuiOui
Elevation GraphNon- ProOuiOui
Heart Rate GraphNon- ProOuiOui
Audio features
Integrated Music PlaylistOuiNonOui Through Google PlayNonNon
Announce Elapsed TimeOui Intervals configurable by timeOui Intervals configurable by timeNon
Announce DistanceOui Intervals configurable by distanceOui Intervals configurable by distanceNon
Announce Avg SpeedOuiOuiNon
Announce Instantaneous SpeedOuiOuiNon
Announce Avg PaceOuiOuiNon
Announce Instantaneous PaceOuiOuiNon
Website Features
Workout HistoryOuiOuiOui- Show up in Google Docs. No link to route.
Route HistoryOuiOuiOui- Show up in Google My Places. No link to Maps
Speed GraphOui Yes, under "Workouts", not "Routes"Oui
Pace GraphOui Yes, but under "Workouts", not "Routes"OuiOui
Elevation GraphOuiOui
Workout Schedule / Training Plan- Premium Only- FitnessClasses, for feeNonNon Unless you count Google Calendar
Draw RoutesOui Very nice interface for drawingOuiOui No Snap-to-roadsOui
Edit RoutesOuiOuiOui
Export RoutesOuiOui Under Settings>Profile>ExportOuiOui
Export Workout FormatsGPX, KMLGPX for routes, CSV for Workout DataGPX, TCXGPX, KML, CSV, or TCX
Import RoutesOuiOuiOuiOui
Social Features
Share On FacebookOuiOuiOuiOui
Share on Google+NonNonNonOui
Share on TwitterOuiOuiNonOui
Live TrackingOui- RunKeeper Live. Requires EliteNon
Friend Activity StreamOuiOuiOuiNon
Compete on a Route- There are races, but not private routesOui "Beat a Friend"Non
Add Others' RoutesOuiOuiOuiNon Video shows searching for other routes, but doesn't seem to work
Photo UploadNon
Workout Types
RunningOuiOuiOui- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
WalkingOui Includes Power Walk, TreadmillOuiOui- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
CyclingOui Mountain Bike, Touring Bike, Fixie, CruiserOui Mountain, RoadOui Cycling Transport, Cycling Sport, Mountain Biking- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
HikingOuiOuiOui- Lets you record type, but doesn't change behavior
GPS Signal
3.0/5 1 note
4.0/5 2 notes
aucune note
aucune note
5.0/5 1 note
aucune note
aucune note
aucune note
Program Stability
5.0/5 1 note
4.0/5 3 notes
aucune note
aucune note
4.0/5 1 note
5.0/5 1 note
aucune note
aucune note
Statistic Accuracy
4.0/5 2 notes
3.0/5 3 notes
aucune note
aucune note
4.0/5 1 note
4.0/5 1 note
aucune note
aucune note
Compare MapMyRun & MapMyRide vs RunKeeper vs Endomondo vs My Tracks vs adidas miCoach vs Sports Tracker vs runtastic vs Noom CardioTrainer vs SmartRunner
9 jul. 2012 13:27:57
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