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2015-08-12 16:18:18
ConceptDraw vs Omnigraffle and MS Visio
Omnigraffle Professional
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General Features
Multi-page DocumentsNon
Presentation modeOui
Sample diagrams supplied with programNon
Smart ConnectorsOui
Spline toolOui
Shape SheetNon
Dropper toolNon
Locking various object properties from changingOui
Ability to edit a group (set text, fill, set line properties and etc.)Oui
Library navigator windowNon
Find objects in librariesNon
Set of predefined units of measurementOui
Alpha Channel support (opacity/transparency)Oui
Built-in scripting languageNon
Connect with databasesNon
Extend application possibilities with plug-insNon
Extended hyperlinks4Oui
Background pages supportNon
Texture fillOui
Guide LinesOui
Corner RoundingOui
Task Oriented TemplatesOui
Customizable tools
Customizable toolbarOui
Ability to create objects with userdefined behaviorNon
Userdefined actions with objectsOui
Supports Custom (or user-defined) Properties for shapesNon
Integration and sharing
Support Visio XML (vdx, vsdx)Non
Import PowerPoint documentsNon
Export to PowerPoint documentsNon
Export to EPSOui
Export to PDFOui
Supports own XML formatNon
Export to HTMLOui
Export to Visio XML (vdx, vsdx)Oui
Export to SVGOui
Integration with mind mapping toolNon
Integration with Project Management toolOui
OS X interface librariesNon
Ribbon interface libraryNon
Vista interface libraryNon
Building, space, and floor plansOui
Directory services diagramsNon
Engineering diagrams—electrical, chemical, and moreNon
Logical network diagramsNon
Network rack diagramsNon
Software diagrammingNon
Value stream mapsNon
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