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2018-09-14 23:22:24
SocialCompare is a crowdsourced and collaborative comparison engine about everything (software, products, services...) for consumers or companies...
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B2B productsOui
B2C productsOui
Detailed features product contentOui unlimited since it is crowdsourced
Content on everything (not only apps)Oui
WikiOui history updates with possibility to restore previous content.
User generatedOui users create what they want and need: They can compare anything.
Contenu multilingueOui
Data under Open licensesOui data are released on creative commons and GNU licenses.
Private dataOui
Custom view of dataOui
Side-by-side comparisonOui
User RatingsOui
User likesOui
Embed CodeOui embed comparison table with custom design
Follow product- soon
Alternative productsOui on the right side of product page
Q&A recommendation toolNon
Facebook product streamNon
Twitter product streamNon
Website Alexa rankNon
Forum (Discussion)Non
Questions and answersNon
Wordpress pluginOui
Filter resultsNon
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    SocialCompare is an innovative crowdsourced comparison engine
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