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Supports REST API on request.

Also have "Installation Checker"

Active Merchant On StartUnfortunately all merchants are not active at first day. And VigLink doesn't give any details about that.
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Plug-ins & Integrations
  • Tapatalk Integration
  • ForumRunner Integration
  • Apps Integration
  • phpBB Plugin
  • vBulletin Plugin
  • Wordpress Plugin
Revenue shareThey take a %25 commission cut and leave you %75
Seuil minimum de paiement0 USD
Méthodes de paiement
  • Monthly via PayPal
Transaction FeeVigLink pays the all PayPal fees
Commission Calculationabout 1-2 Days
Referral ProgramIf you refer a publisher to VigLink, you will earn a referral fee equal to 10% of VigLink commissions for the first year. The publisher earnings will not be affected.

Compatible with U.S. system only.

So if you are non-US publisher :

U.S. Laws wants to have %30 income tax from alien foreigners! It also requires to fill in complicated forms and apply for ITIN (tax id number) to do legal business.

Finally, you might need to pay your income tax at your country.

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