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2014-03-26 21:04:19
Logo creation contest websites comparison
Number of designers
Last update2014-03-26 21:04:19
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest
Number of designers per contest
Contest length2 Days - 7 Days
Min. prize amount99 USD
Listing FeeYes 15% fee of the contest award
Private projectYes
Other contests
Page mockupNo
Wordpress themeNo
Twitter backgroundsNo
Banner adsYes
Buttons & Icons designYes from $100 custom made in a little as 2 days!
Mobile Design
Free definitionNo
Clothing DesignYes T-Shirt / Apparrel
Multi LocalEnglish only
Quality ControlYes Designers report violations to Logo Court area for community discussion and moderator decision.
Hire the designer directlyCan hire the individual designers for additional work.
Designers ScreeningTop Ranked designers based on their earning in the last 30 days. Each has a personal portfolio page available for viewing.
Design Copyright TransferCopyright ownership is only transferred to the Client when the winning designer has been paid.
Customer service
Video tourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0Bray9wqf8
Your reviews
Designers opinion5.0 1 rating
Customers opinion0 no rating
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  • rated this Item: Designers opinion 5
    Original work, creative options, fast turnaround, easy to work with.
    Posted 2013-09-17 17:37:03 by Rick.CM

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