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Comparison of the cloud email services that provide transactional email or bulk email software (marketing software to manage mass email such as newsletters), such as EndinBlue, Mailjet, Amazon SES....

These services help you to send these emails without having to configure and manage mail servers, ensuring you to have state of the art configuration to ensure email deliverability. Your application can usually use SMTP protocol using their SMTP Relay, or use a specific API.

Transactional email is an expected email because it has been triggered automatically after a transaction or a specific event. Common examples of transactional email is : account opening and welcome message, order shipment confirmation, shipment tracking and purchase order status, registration via a contact form, account termination, payment confirmation, invoice...

These messages are especially important for ecommerce, shopping sites... (crucial step of the customer relationship : the customer would be really disappointed if he never receives the expected email). The deliverability criteria is really important.

This detailed comparison chart will help you to choose your cloud email solution for bulk email or transactional email. Most of them have a free plan, it will help you to test several email sender before deciding which one is the best for your needs.

BrevoActiveTrailSendGridSendPulseAmazon SESMailjetPepipostturboSMTPMailgunSarv TESDoppler RelayInboxRoadMandrillElastic EmailTipimailSMTP.comSocketLabsPostmarkAuthMailerLeadersendSparkPostMail250
Ich mag das
Preis$ 0.13 to $0.67 per thousand€ 8 par mois et emails illimités$ 0.57 to $0.80 USD per thousand$ 8.85$ 0.1 per thousand, plus traffic charges. $0.12 per GB of attachments sent.$ 0.18 to $0.50 per thousand$ 15 per month$ 0.51 to $0.70 USD per thousand$ 0.1 to $0.50 per thousand$ 0.075 to 0.013 USD per thousand$ 0.14 to 0.69 per thousand€ 59 a month$ 10 for cheapest MailChimp account + $20 per month minimum charge$ 29 per month for Email Marketing for up to 2,500 contacts and 37,500 emails/month or $19 per month for up to 50,000 emails per month for Email API.€ 39 à 279€ / mois selon la grille tarifaire :$ 0.3 to $2.50 per thousand$ 0.2 to $0.69 per thousand$ 0.5 to1.50 USD per thousand$ 0.13 to $0.83 per thousand$ 0.1 to $0.20 per 1000$ 0.2 to $0.15 per thousand, depending on volume$ 20 (Send 24k/ Day) $50 (Send 60k/ Day) $150 (Send 120k /Day)
Free plan9,000 emails per month, max 300 per 24 hours30 jours d'essai gratuit pour tester l'intégralité des fonctionnalités (sans engagement)45 day free trial, 12,000 per month, 400 emails per day15 000 e-mails to send for free every month62,000 emails per month for EC2 users6,000 emails per month, max 200 per day30k Emails Free For First 30 Days Then 100/Day Forever6000 emails per month - up to 200 per day10,000 free per monthFree TrialFree Demo, unlimited emails 7 daysYesN/A (Since re-integration with Mailchimp)Available10.000 emails gratuits par mois & 1000 envois/jour30 day money back20,000 emails per month25,000 emails, no time limit30 days money back6,000 emails per month (special offers for startups)15,000 emails per monthYes, 10K emails free
Startups plan5 000 contacts, 50 000 emails, automations, formulaires d’inscription et pop-ups, landing pages, sondages et bien plus… à votre disposition pendant 6 mois !, Inboxroad creates a personalized warm-up schedule-Free - 20,000 emails per monthYes
Cancellation policyCancel at any time, no contractAnnulation à tout moment, sans engagementCancel at any time, no contractAnytime by request. No questions askedPay for what you send; no required contract or commitments.Cancel any time, no contractCancel any time, no contract.Cancel any time, no obligationsCancel any time, no contractAny Time & Pay as you Go Plan AvailableCancel at any timeCancellation is possible on a monthly baseCancel at any time, no contractCancel at any time, no contract.Sans engagement, annulable à tout momentCancel any time, no contractCancel any time, no contract, month-to-monthCancellation must be issued via the Service. Any cancellation issued must be done three (3) days prior to the end of the contract term.Cancel any time, no contractCancel any time, no contract, month-to-monthCancel any time, no contract
Unlimited Free EmailsAll paid accounts come with the unlimited number of messages to send-10.000 email gratuits par mois !You can upload unlimited contacts.
SMTP supportJaNeinJaJaJaJaJaJa 24/7 Multilanguage SupportJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa Globally redundant SMTP and API infrastructureJaJaJaJa
Personalized DKIM for free (no more "on behalf of")JaJaJa Upgrade to a Silver plan or higher to get personalized DKIMJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa
Clicks Details (per Link, etc.)JaJaJa Via real-time Event API webhookJaJaJaJa Reporting available both through Control Panel and APIJaJaJaJaJaJa Via HEMS PackageJa Real-time via webhook APIJaJa Through webhooks real-time event reporting.Ja
Personnalisation conditionnelle (if/else)JaJaJa- Yes but, not through web newsletter editor, only by using the APIJaJaJa By Using API ref: Via HEMS PackageJaJaJa
WYSIWYG Newsletter EditorJa Available for free with all the plansJaJa +$0,25 per thousand, in addition to monthly packageJaNeinJa Available for free, with any plan (Free plan included)NeinNeinJa Only in Marketing Platform-NeinJaJaJa Via HEMS PackageJaNeinJa- only with "Elite for Marketers" planJa
Dedicated IP availableJa Gold or Higher PlanJaJaJaNein $25 per month for EC2 usersJa With our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plans, you can ask for a Dedicated IP address.JaJa Gold or higher planJa $59 per monthJa $20 per monthJaJaJa $29 per monthJaJaJaJaNein Shared IPs. They believe shared IPs are preferable to dedicated.JaJaJaJa
REST APIJaJaJa Yes, for our Bronze plan and higher (and Free plan too)JaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa
Event APIJaJaJa Yes, for our Silver plan and higher (and Free plan too)Ja you can set up Amazon SES to publish email sending events to Amazon CloudWatch or Amazon KinesisJa For every plan, you can get every event (open, click, bounce...) in real timeJa via webhooksJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa Notification APIJaJaJa Via WebhooksJa
Send email through APIJaJaJaJaJaJa Only by one HTTP call Includes advanced merging and customization capabilities as well as ability to merge to templates created in the SocketLabs Control Panel.JaJaJaJa
Incoming Email SupportJaJaJa Parse inbound email, including attachments and content. See for webhook examples. Supported by Griddler: Using the Parse API you can get the content of an incomming email POSTed by HTTP on a server : Parse emails, including attachements and quoted text. Easily forward using different expression matches, including regex, and POST to HTTP. Supported by Griddler: Parses inbound, can be handled by griddler: Parses inbound mail streams into JSON messages and posts that data to a predefined endpoint. Handles inbound, can be parsed by griddler: Only Backup MXNeinJaNein
Stores Outgoing Emails for Later ViewingJaNeinJaNeinJaJa May be an additional charge.JaJa Stores for 45 DaysJa
Explicit/sexual content policy ?NeinNein not allowedNein not allowedNein
Needs time to approve account before sending ?Account is ready for use immediatelyYesYes. 12 to 24 hoursNoNo.No. Domain approval is not required.
Asks to create SPF and DKIM recordsJa Possible but not mandatoryJa DKIM/SPF can be used, but not mandatoryJaJa We will create SPF & DKIM records for your sending domainsJaJaJa Optional
SprachenEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, GermanFrancais, Anglais, Espagnol, AllemandEnglishEnglish, Portuguese, RussianEnglish, French, German, Japanese, SpanishEnglish, French, German, SpanishEnglishEnglish, Espanol, Français, Italiano, Portugues, German, Russian, Arabic, UkrainianEnglish, French, RussianEnglish, Hindi, PunjabiSpanish, EnglishEnglish, Dutch, GermanEnglishEnglishFrançais, EnglishEnglish, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, IndianEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish
Multi-user LoginJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaNeinJaJaJaNeinJaJa
Prioritize emailsJaJaJaJa Email Priority Management is handled on Mailjet with X-Mailjet email headers : Add preferred time of delivery which can prioritize or schedule for later.JaJaJa Use the important option (API) or X-MC-Important (SMTP) to flag important messages and give them priority over other messages you're currently sending. via multiple serversJaNein
PluginsJa PrestaShop, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Zapier, SalesforceJa Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, Salesforce, Facebook Leads, Contact Form 7Ja Wordpress, Magento, AmoCRM, Bitrix24, WooCommerce, TypeForm, Zapier, CreateFormJa Prestashop, Wordpress, Dotclear, SPIP, Joomla, DrupalJa Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, MailWizz, ZapierJa Most major languages and frameworksJa Client Library available on GithubJaJaJa Most major languages, frameworks, and platformsJa Wordpress and Joomla plugins available.Ja Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Drupal,JaJa samples available in github repoJa Bitrix, Zapier, MailigenJa Node, PHP, Python & More, see http://developer.sparkpost.comJa WordPress
24/7 SupportJa Online form submissionJa Support par téléphone, Live Chat et e-mail en Français / Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInJa Online ticket generation.Ja Online + phone, 24x7 all the timeJa Basic: Included, Developer: $49/month, Business & Enterprise prorated.Ja Across 3 Global Time Zones - Online ticket generationJa Live Chat and 24x7 email supportJa Live Chat, Tickets, Phone, SkypeJa Online form submission.Ja Phone, Live Chat and Email SupportJa Phone, Live Chat, Email SupportJa Live Chat (Skype and Website), Email and PhoneJaJa Support mail - téléphoneJa 24/7/365 Via Phone, Email or chatJa Online ticketing systemJa Support by email around the clock. Live chat.Ja 24/7 Email Support. Online form submission. No Phone Support.- Online form submissionJaJa
Dedicated Support TeamJaJaJaJa Dedicated for VIP accountsJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa Personal Account ManagerJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa
Phone SupportJaJaJa During regular business hours for all plan levels, including "Free." Critical and Escalation Support available 24/7Ja 24x7 for all accounts- Available with paid support plan- Available for VIP clients- Limited to high volume sendersJa 24/7- For First-class plansJaJaJa During regular business hours for every customerNeinJaJa 24/7 for all clientsJa During regular business hours for all plan levelsNeinNeinJaJa-
Sample CustomersBMW, Fleury Michon, Sodebo, Cora, Leroy Merlin, etc.Hilton, AVIS, Lufthansa, VISA, WIX, Continental Airlines, Crocs, Secours Populaire Français, Sorbonne Université, Pavillon France, Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires Étrangères, Gallimard, SyntilorSpotify, Foursquare, Pandora, Hootsuite, Uber, Kickstarter, Air BnB, GitHubLOT, Aeroflot, RadissonBlue, SwatchSIEMENS, HBO, Vodafone, AllerganTAG Hauer, MIT, Fotolia, TheFancy, Jolicloud, Readability, Sketchfab, Prestashop, Amnesty International...Shine, Cleartrip, Arcamax, White Plum, SeekAsia, Traveloka, TokopediaGithub, Heroku, Uservoice, Stripe, 37 Signals, Parse, Adroll, PagerdutyIBM, HP, Adobe, Idea, HCL, Reliance, IndiaMartTravelBird, OngageRiddox, Vuelio, Vonage, Quicko, Poptin, Swiftqueue, ClikaduIntuit, IBM, ADP, Crutchfield, Warner Bros, Red Cross, Virgin, Panera Bread, Penn State UniversityIKEA, Minecraft, Livestream, Unicef, Litmus, Salesforce-DeskPinterest, Zillow, Financial Times of London, Career BuilderDLF, Vodafone, etc
Compare side-by-side Best Transactional Email Service Providers with a review of each transactional emailing software enabling mass email, newsletters... Bulk email software comparison.
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User reviews and comments

  • Buy Bulk Email Server on 2024-05-09 05:44:46

    Compare as SMTPGet provides seamless integration with various platforms, offering a straightforward way to send transactional emails via SMTP directly from your application.

  • Mallika Farooqui on 2020-03-25 11:52:54

    Hi Vanina, Thanks for this comparison chart! Can you please include Mail250 in this comparison table too? url:

  • RajS on 2020-01-24 13:52:02
    commented on InboxRoad

    after 2 months I can say I wish we started with them years ago.

  • Sam on 2019-07-11 11:38:40
    suggested on InboxRoad to set Name to Inboxroad
  • Sam on 2019-07-11 11:38:09
    suggested on InboxRoad to set Name to Inboxroad
  • Sam on 2019-07-11 11:27:52
    suggested on InboxRoad to set Name to Inboxroad
  • edouardr on 2019-04-08 13:20:00

    I've personally been using Mailjet. Good interface for both transac & marketing email. Bought it on to save money!

  • Jenny on 2018-12-18 09:26:09

    Nice sheet, Vanina. Could you please add Pepipost to this comparison sheet: pepipost-4odu2rou To give you a brief, Pepipost is an AI powered email delivery platform who not only gives a high inbox deliverability. But also reward the good senders by not charging them anything for the opened emails.

  • Mallika on 2018-07-30 13:47:14

    Hi Vanina, Thanks for this comparison chart! Can you please include SwipePost in this comparison table too? url: SwipePost is the world's only ESP that gives 200,000 emails /month for free of cost. SwipePost is one of the Fastest Growing Email Delivery Service. Thanks

  • vmoses77 on 2018-06-29 02:02:59

    The email provides us with the system of mail jet and send grid which is some important technical features in the market these days, I took the support of AOL tech Support to deal with these systems of emailing, this helped me know much about the ways to deal with the transactions on email.

  • gdouvet on 2017-10-02 09:56:44

    Solution efficace et support réactif. Je recommande

  • ashf on 2017-09-11 11:20:16

    Please add see if services has list management function. i.e. Mailjet/Seninblue has list management function for free.

  • edrokov on 2017-09-04 21:49:40
    commented on Mailjet

    So far my experience is extremely ignorant, lazy and helpless first line support basically doing nothing. One ticket resolving takes more than 1 week!

  • arda on 2017-08-22 11:13:57

    Thanks for the list! I had heard of most of them, but some were completely new. I have been using for about a year now and I would recommend their service.

  • Rob J on 2017-07-11 10:05:09

    Have had a good experience with Send in Blue. Just waiting for them to develop multi-user login. Fingers crossed!

  • Abhi on 2017-07-02 12:18:16

    SwipeMail has changed their pricing. Now, Swipemail's pricing is one of the most disruptive pricing in the world. Visit pricing page:

  • InboxRoad on 2017-06-20 12:10:09

    Hi Vanina, great comparison! Could you please add InboxRoad to the comparison too? Thanks in advance!

  • ericlen7 on 2017-06-18 14:42:28
  • Abhi on 2017-06-10 13:13:20

    Hi Vanina, Thanks for this comparison chart! Can you please includeSwipeMail in this comparison table too? url: Thanks, Abhi

  • SHADE on 2017-05-29 12:35:48
    commented on Elastic Email

    One day, they simply disabled our account because of some user complaints. Without getting to details. They did it twice. First time I we agreed emails are ok and "you are welcome to use elastic emails". In three weeks (or so) on monday ElasticEmail welcomed me with "You account permanently disabled" sign. Great! – thats my mail. I hope you ll be bancrupt damn elasticemail.

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